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PAWS is an all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue of pets in Northeastern Ohio. Our mission is to rescue stray and/or abused cats and dogs and place them in good homes. It is a PAWS policy to adopt them to responsible homes in the greater Cleveland area. We provide medical care to rescued animals and foster them in our own homes. We also make sure that they are spayed or neutered so that they do not continue the cycle of births that result in more pets than homes.

The advantage of adopting a fostered animal is that we know all about our adoptable pets! They have lived with us and we know their personalities, habits, likes and dislikes. We can help you find the perfect companion for your home and lifestyle.

To fill out an application for adoption or just to learn more about us, please visit our web site at WWW.PAWSOHIO.ORG


Like most animal welfare organizations, PAWS is not subsidized by any government funding. We rely solely on donations from the public and membership dues to continue helping animals in desperate need. If you would like to make a donation please send a check made out to 'PAWS' to to the address below. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!


PAWS always needs volunteers! Rescuing strays and finding homes for them is a lot of work and there are many different types of tasks to be done. Would you be able to help animals by doing any of these things?

  • Provide temporary care to an animal in your home?
  • Pick up telephone messages once a week and help people who are interested in adopting a companion animal?
  • Respond to email messages from people inquiring about pets on our website?
  • Talk to people about our adoptable animals at adoptathons?
  • Coordinate new volunteers who want to help animals?
  • If you are interested in joining PAWS, please contact us!! Our volunteers make it possible to improve the lives of several hundred animals a year. If you do not live in the Cleveland, Ohio area but are interested in joining an animal rescue group, just browse the shelters on Petfinder. You'll be sure to find several who would appreciate your help. Email for inquiries about being a PAWS volunteer: be_a_

    P.O. Box 24651
    Cleveland,OH 44124
    Phone: 440-442-PAWS
    Call anytime and leave a message. If you leave your phone number someone will call you back.

    Email For Cats:
    Email For Dogs:

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