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For the latest news and events, visit www.circletail.org.

Adopting A Friend

Our animals are vet checked, vaccinated, placed on heartworm prevention and flea prevention when old enough, and spayed or neutered before adoption. Potential adopters fill out a preadoption survey found at www.circletail.org and sign an adoption contract.
We are at Cincinnati-area pet supply stores on selected weekends. See www.circletail.org for dates and locations. Also, email adoption@circletail.org to schedule an appointment at Circle Tail to see the dogs. Please allow at least one week so we can bring the dog back to Circle Tail, as they are not normally housed there.
Our adoption fee is based on the individual dog’s age, breed, size, training and medical expenses. We accept cash or money orders for adoption fees, no checks or credit cards at this time. Your adoption counselor will let you know the adoption fee for the particular dog you are interested in prior to meeting the dog.

Who We Are

Circle Tail, Inc. provides service and hearing dogs to people with disabilities at no charge to the individual, and promotes the human-canine bond in the community by providing dog adoptions, educational programs, and dog training services. 
We obtain our assistance dogs through owner surrenders, breeder donations, shelters & rescues. Careful selection of dogs and puppies from shelters and unwanted litters not only helps a person with special needs, but also brings purpose to a dog's life.

Come Visit Us

Circle Tail is located off Route 132, about 30 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati. Call 513.877.3325 or email adoption@circletail.org to set up an appointment if you'd like to come visit.

Most of our dogs are not on site; instead, they are housed at one of the Ohio correctional facilities we work with, where they are house trained and taught proper house manners. Because the dogs are not usually at Circle Tail, adopters need an approved adoption survey before scheduling an appointment.

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