Who We Are...

Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter is a temporary home for dogs that are found on the streets by the county dog wardens. Dogs are held for 72 hours in order for the owner to claim them. After the holding period, unclaimed dogs may be available for adoption. We are also the home to the Dick Goddard Dogs that you see on Fox 8 News every Friday around 6:45pm.

What we do...

The Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter houses stray and abandoned dogs picked up throughout the county. Cuyahoga County encompasses Cleveland plus many neighboring suburbs. Under Ohio law, stray dogs without identification are held for 72 hours prior to release for adoption. Dogs with current licenses are held for 14 days, while those with other forms of identification are held for 7 days before release for adoption. Each dog receives an adoptability evaluation with consideration given to health, age, and temperament.

Make sure your dog has a current dog license! Dog licenses are required by law and must be renewed annually. The license fees are our primary source of support and a current license will help your lost dog find his way home!

Our Adoptable Dogs...

Our experienced shelter staff will help you find the best dog for your family and lifestyle. We have get-acquainted rooms for you to "interview" potential new best friends. Once you have taken a dog home, our staff is available for advice and coaching to ensure a successful adoption. We want to see all of our adopted dogs safe and happy in new homes!

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Come Visit Us!

We are located in Valley View, Ohio near the Cinemark movie theater and restaurant complex with easy access from both I-480 and I-77.

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Thursday & Friday: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Closed: Monday

9500 Sweet Valley Drive
Valley View, OH 44125
Phone: 216-525-4827

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Adopting a Friend...

The fee to adopt a dog is $90.00 which includes:
  • DHLP, Parvo Vaccination, Rabies Vaccination and Bordatella
  • Heartworm test for age appropriate dogs
  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Adoption Kit with coupon for 5 pounds of Bil Jac™ Dog Food
  • Cuyahoga County dog license
All our dogs are altered before going home, but for those dogs that cannot have the surgery upon adoption, (young dogs under 5 months of age or dogs that may have some health concerns), an additional spay/neuter deposit is required before you take your new dog home. When the dog is returned to the Shelter for the surgery, or upon proof that the surgery has been done at your own veterinarian, IF WE CANNOT ALTER IT HERE UPON ADOPTION FOR HEALTH/AGE REASONS, a refund check will be mailed after the surgery. If a spay/neuter deposit is required and you wish to pay by check, a separate check, in the amount of $30, will be required for the spay/neuter deposit. Your check will be processed and a County check will be issued for your refund AFTER the spay/neuter.

To learn more about the adoption process, please visit our website at www.cuyahogadogs.com/en-US/Adoption-Process.aspx.


Volunteers are always needed to walk and socialize our shelter dogs. Attendance at an orientation session is required before you can begin. Please contact our volunteer coordinator, at 216-525-4817 for more information. Thank you!

We appreciate donations of dog supplies such as leashes, collars, toys, treats, and shampoo. Also, cleaning supplies such as laundry soap, bleach, and old towels, blankets, and rugs are always needed. Thanks for helping!

We also gratefully accept tax-deductible monetary donations at any time from individuals, groups, or businesses. Please contact our business office at 216-525-7877 if you have questions. Please make checks payable to: Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.

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Other Important Stuff...

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