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We need nylabones, squeek toys, tug toys.

Adopting A Friend

The first step to adopting a dog from us is : do some research. See if the breed or breed mix your interested in will be a good fit for your family and your lifestyle. We are always happy to answer questions.

Second: send us an e mail to request an application. All adoption fees are listed within the application.daveyanddebbie@gmail.com

If the dog your interested in is posted on our site, the dog is available. We update our site regularly.

Who We Are

We are friends that work together with a common goal- to improve the lives of dogs and puppies that are prisoners of greed.. Our primary focus at this time is the puppy mill problem. We make it our goal to work with the puppy mill owners on a friendly basis to try and make the lives of puppy mill puppies and adults better. We do this by educating the mill owners about the importance of vaccines, preventative medications, and exercise. We do what we can to prevent the puppies born into mills from becoming breeding stock and used to make money somewhere else. We work as closely as we can with the vets in our area and the puppy mill owners we deal with to ensure that each adoptable pet in our care is healthy before they are adopted. If they have health or behavior issues, it is posted on their profile. We encourage everyone considering adopting a puppy mill survivor to research potential health and behavior issues that may pop us as the puppies mature. The most common health issue is allergies because many times the puppies are born with compromised immune systems. Adult dogs that have been used as breeding stock are harder to house train. Please be sure to research and understand these and other issues that you may face. We are also available to answer questions by phone, or through e -mail.

We also take in dogs that people can no longer keep, or no longer want when we have space. We do not have many foster families at this time, and space is limited. We will gladly post unwanted pets on our site so that the pet can stay in its current home until a forever home can be found.

Our adoption fees reflect the cost of keeping the rescue going, and the current needs of the shelter. We do not operate for profit, and do our best to keep our fees at a minimum.

Come Visit Us

We operate out of our home. We will schedule an appointment ONCE YOUR APPLICATION IS APPROVED. Our hours are 9 am-9pm, by appointment only.

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