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IMPORTANT: We have received several applications in the past which mention placing Guinea pigs into the large exercise balls sold in pet stores.  PLEASE BE ADVISED, these can be very hazardous to a Guinea pig's health and well-bring.  A Guinea pig's back is not as flexible as other animals who do very well in exercise balls and wheels such as hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and ferrets.  Unfortunately, when Guinea pigs are placed in these contraptions, they can and have suffered broken backs and severed toes.  If you have purchased one of these balls or a large exercise wheel for your present or future furball, please return it/them to the store.

Guinea pigs are very clean animals who make wonderful additions to any family who love animals and can devote the time and attention needed. They are high-maintenance pets however who need clean habitats, fresh greens and fruits twice daily and who must have fresh Guinea pig pellets twice a day. Guinea pigs require more space than other small animals so please check with us or THIS WEBSITE before purchasing a 'cage' as those found in pet shops are too small for even one Guinea pig!


  • a Guinea pig can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth?
  • if a Guinea pig has not had her first litter by the time she is five months of age, her pelvic bones will fuse and she will not be able to deliver her babies if she gets pregnant?
  • Guinea pigs become sexually-active between the ages of four and six WEEKS!?
  • most pet stores 'cages' are not large enough for one Guinea pig, much less two?
  • a Guinea pig can be more work than a dog or cat?
  • Guinea pigs have sensitive respiratory systems and are prone to upper respiratory infections?
  • Guinea pigs are allergic to mold which means they cannot be administered penicillin (or any other -cillins) if their upper respiratory infections proceeds into pneumonia?
  • Guinea pigs have and show emotions? They popcorn when happy, sulk when upset or mad at you, purr when content, get depressed when sad and clack their teeth when mad.
  • Guinea pigs are social as well as herd animals and normally are much happier and healthier when housed in groups of two or more?

To learn more about Guinea pigs, please visit www.thislittlepiggyandme.net!

Adopting A Friend

Your first step in Adoption is to complete our Pre-Adoption Application which can be submitted on-line.  You will find the application at www.thislittlepiggyandme.net, click "So You Want To Adopt" from the top navigation bar, read and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to the Application.

Our approval process normally takes between 2-3 days.  You will then receive a congratulatory message via e-mail with our Appointment Schedule for a five (5) week window.

If you have not heard back from us within the above stated timeframe, please give us a call @ 513-674-9077.  Thank you!

KEY to our AGE category
Baby = Under 6 months
Young = 6 months to 1 year
Adult = 1 year to 4 years
Senior = 4 Years and up

TLP&M will NOT offer babies for adoption until they are either three months old or we feel they are large enough so their heads cannot get stuck in the grids most people use for their habitats.

PLEASE . . . do not use animals as "presents", especially SURPRISE gifts.  A good gift is a sweater, not a furry little friend who should have as much to say about choosing his/her new human as you have picking a new friend.  ( I never wanted my parents pickin' my friends . . . I kinda think the animals feel the same!)

Who We Are

 We are a husband-wife team with a few volunteers who absolutely adore Guinea pigs. We began our rescue and Adoption Center in 2004 and have since found new loving homes for over 900 once abandoned, unwanted, unloved and/or abused furballs.

If you are willing and able to take on a lifelong committment to one of our wonderful, adorable creations of God, why not submit a Pre-Adoption Application and allow a furball full of love into your heart and home!

You will find the application at www.thislittlepiggyandme.net, click "So You Want To Adopt" from the top navigation bar, read and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to the Application. 

We are also TLP&M Bed and Breakfast!!  Going on vacation and not sure who is capable of caring for your furballs while you are gone?  You can bring them to our 'Spa' where they will receive the best of care and lots of love.

PLUS, we are Our Daddy's Creations specializing in Guinea pig Hidey Houses, Playground Equipment and furniture-quality Habitats.  All are made by hand with more love than anyone could imagine!  

This Little Piggy & Me Adoption and Rescue
Forest Park, OH 45240
Phone: 513-674-9077


Come Visit Us

We are located in a suburb approximately 35 minutes North of Cincinnati  or 45 minutes South of Dayton.  Since my husband and I both work outside the home to support the rescue which is located in our home, visits must be limited to the week-ends (and some holidays).  Once your Pre-Adoption Application is approved (normally allow 2-3 days for processing), an Adoption Appointment is scheduled for a length of two (2) hours to allow you plenty of time to find 'your perfect piggy' (or two)!!

Not certain if a Guinea pig is the right addition to your family??  Don't know if someone just might be allergic??  We also encourage Meet 'n Greet appointments where you can come meet all our Adoptables and just play!!  If this suits your fancy, just give us a call and schedule a "Meet 'n Greet".

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