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Discover the warmth and love that a senior Boston Terrier can bring into your life! Often overlooked, a senior dog provides an owner with the joy of companionship, loyalty, and some snuggling...with the added bonus of being past the chewing/teething stage, a bit more settled, and already housetrained (or can be readily housetrained)! Dignified and charming, these seniors have a lot to offer and can be an excellent choice for someone living alone or a family. Find the magic of a senior's love!


Everyday, we are faced with the challenge of saving Bostons - by no fault of their own - who have suffered terrible transgressions. The vet expenses can -- and often do -- exceed the donated adoption fee. Funding is often the difference between providing care and nourishment for a Boston, or having to turn one away. Would you open your heart and help defray the costs of providing for these Bostons? It is with your help that we will be able to continue our work to save these precious lives. You CAN make a difference!

Donations can be mailed to the PO Box listed below. We thank you for your kindness and generosity! Because of your help, we can continue to rescue other Bostons in need.

Who We Are

Ohio Boston Terrier Rescue is a non-profit organization funded entirely by donations. All donations are used exclusively for the medical needs and care of the dogs. Our volunteers are dedicated to rescuing Boston Terriers in need and finding them a "new beginning" with a loving, caring and responsible home. We also support Responsible Pet Ownership by promoting spaying and neuturing of household pets and use of heartworm preventative.

We provide care for any Boston Terrier -- regardless of age or condition. Care is provided by our foster homes, who are all volunteers and give their time and energy to help a Boston in need. All of our rescued Bostons are spayed/neutered prior to placement and all known medical contitions are addressed and treated appropriately. If you are looking for a Boston Terrier to adopt or if you wish to surrender one, we are here to help you!

Adopting a friend

Wanted: Responsible, Boston-loving Adopters! All of our adoptions are done by application. We have a rigorous screening process because we take the responsibility of finding the right home for our Bostons very serious. An Adoption Application is required and can be submitted via email or US mail. There is an adoption donation fee that helps us to defray the many costs of Boston rescue. We do not ship or transport our dogs.

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a shelter or other facility and cannot offer visitations. Our rescue Bostons are fostered in private homes whose locations are not disclosed. If you are Approved for Adoption (in the final stages of the Adoption process), you will be allowed to visit the Boston of your choice prior to final adoption.


Volunteers are welcome and very much needed in Ohio. You WILL make a difference to a needy Boston! Foster care, transport help, fund-raising and Home Visit Techs are needed in Ohio. Your contribution helps save a Boston's life!
Ohio Boston Terrier Rescue
Columbus, OH
Email: Homes4BTs@aol.com
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