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Our Featured Pets... Our featured cat is Lollipop. She is a beautiful calico that needs a forever home. Come to Sierra's Haven to let Lollipop get to know you. -- -------- Our featured dog is Ruby. She is a pretty hound mix. She would love to have a home of her own. You can visit our website to see more photos. Then come to Sierra's Haven to meet her for yourself. --------- ---- -----


' Our Sierra's Puppy Pavilion Open House was held on Saturday, September 30th from Noon until 4:00PM. Our new puppy house is in operation now. Thanks for all the hard work that went in to making it possible. ------- Many of our precious pets found new homes over the summer. We still have some wonderful animals that need new homes. Come to see us soon to see if there is a pet that picks you to be their owner. -----Our spring yard sale was held on Thursday, June 1, Friday, June 2, and Saturday, June 3rd. Thanks to all of you, it was a big success. ---------- Our Pot o' Luck Dinner and Auction fundraiser was a big success. We'd like to say a big thanks to those who attended and donated to Sierra's Haven so generously!. --------------- Sierra's Haven recently celebrated our 10th year of animal rescue. We couldn't have been so successful without all the support from our community and friends. We appreciate everything you are doing for our wonderful pets. If you have never been to see us, we'd love to have you visit. Our animals always like visitors, and we would love to let you know what is involved in caring for so many pets. We hope to be able to keep saving animals for many years to come. -------- Our fall yard sale was held on September 8th, 9th, and 10th in the yard beside the Shawnee Animal Clinic. Thank you for coming and shopping! It was a big success!------- Don/'t forget to sign up for the Kroger rewards program for Sierra's Haven. If you haven't updated yours this year, don't forget to do so now! This program is a big help to Sierra's Haven. Thank you, Kroger! And thanks to all of you who have chosen us to be your Community Rewards recipient! --------- Sierra's Haven's spring yard sale was held on Thursday, June 2nd, through Saturday, June 4th, from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM. Thank you for making it a big success.. ------ Thanks for coming to Sierra's Haven's Pot 'o Luck Dinner and Auction. It was held on March 12, 2016, at the Elks City Club in Portsmouth, Ohio. It was a big success. ......--------------------. We need volunteers in a big way. The work is hard, but rewarding. All the cleaning, the laundry, and the grooming will help our pets to stay healthy and happy. If we don't have enough workers our pets suffer. We need you, even if you can only spend an hour every now and then. Boxes need scooped. Dog blankets need washed and dried. Floors need to be mopped. The list goes on, While you are cleaning you can pet our wonderful animals. They love it! Also just come to Sierra's Haven to meet our wonderful pets for yourself. . -----------------------------We had many pets get adopted during the winter season. That is wonderful news! --------------- . ----- You can also go to our website to reserve your copy of our Sierra's Haven's cookbook. It has pet pictures as well as delicious recipes..-------------------- ----------- You will find other information on our website about other upcoming events. ----------------------------------------Thank you for your support in many ways. . Please don't stop because our pets never stop coming! We can't tell you how much all of your support means to our animals. ----------------------------- If your school, classroom, organization, or church is looking for a service project, please consider raising money for Sierra's Haven. Our sweet pets depend on help from the public. All of us together can make a big difference in the lives of some very special animals. -------------------Remember that in order to keep signed up for Sierra's Haven on your Kroger Community Rewards you have to renew every April., If you haven't done this in 2015, please remember to go to and sign up for us again.------------------------------------ We have Sierra's Haven tee shirts for sale in the lobby. They are very colorful and will be a great advertisement for our wonderful animal shelter. Come get yours today! ---------------------------------------------------------We'd also like to thank all of those businesses and individuals who have donated money or items to Sierra's Haven this year. Without the support of caring people like you, we could not continue to operate. We appreciate all the hard work and effort that it takes from so many people and organizations to keep Sierra's Haven running! -------------------------------- Thanks to SOMC, who in the past gave away $10,000 divided among local charities. Sierra's Haven was one of them! Thanks to all of you who went to SOMC Facebook page and voted for Sierra's Haven. We really appreciate this help from SOMC and from all our loyal supporters. See our website for more details. -------------- We hope you survive the winter!! Lots of our wonderful animals found new homes during the spring and summer seasons. What could be better than cuddling up on those summer evenings with a sweet purring cat or a precious contented dog! ......... Come visit us to get to know our wonderful pets. If you can't adopt a pet, you can still help by visiting Sierra's Haven and filling out a volunteer form. There are many things for our volunteers to do here. We always needs help with cleaning and laundry. Cats always need to be brushed and petted! Dogs need walked and hugged! Carolyn Pettit has volunteered to help coordinate our volunteers! She is doing a wonderful job. We have had several training sessions for new volunteers. We hope that we can have many more in the future. Come visit us to see what you can do. We'd love to meet you. So would over two hundred animals! -----

What's New at Sierra's Haven

We have had a wonderful response from the community. Thank you so much for all that you do for our precious animals. If you want to know how to help us, visit our website and sponsor one or more of our animals. Come to Sierras' Haven and purchase a t-shirt or a Sierra's Shopping Bag. Come out and volunteer, so you can see what is needed to care for all our wonderful pets. We don't just meet their physical needs, but we keep them very happy here, too. In order to do that, we need lots of visitors and workers. We are looking for volunteers in a big way! If you have never visited Sierra's Haven, come out to see what we do here. Take a tour and see how you can be a volunteer on your own schedule.

Who We Are

Sierra's Haven is a group of volunteers working together to help find safe, loving homes for adoptable pets. In our brief existence, we have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of animals. Whether they are strays or animals needing medical attention, Sierra's Haven for New and Used Pets has treated them, spayed/neutered them , and found wonderful homes for them. From 2006 - 2014 our veterinary staff (headed by Dr. Gail Counts of the Shawnee Animal Clinic) spayed or neutered approximately 13,000 dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens. We are continuing an extensive spay and neuter program for 2015 also. Many of these pets belong to low-income families who only pay $15.00 or $20.00 per animal. ---------------------------------------------------- We now have a part time veterinary technician, part-time kennel supervisor, and other part time shelter personnel. Sierra's Haven has been one of Job and Family Services largest employers. Several people volunteer their valued services daily or weekly. Others volunteer when they can. We are always in need of volunteers! Without lots of volunteers, we could not continue to operate. Come to Sierra's Haven to find out how you can help. ---------------------------------------------------- We want to encourage you to visit our website to learn more about us. On our website you can see pictures of our facilities, lists of our donors, information on how we are organized, and pictures and videos of our adoptable pets. You will also find more suggestions on how to help us continue to be able to help abandoned and helpless animals, ------------------------------------------ All of our animals are spayed or neutered and are kept current on vaccines and medications. As you can imagine, it costs a lot to be able to do this. We appreciate all of the support that we receive from many, many people. Without the help of people like you, we could not continue to operate.

Adopting a friend

You can view our pets on our website or on PetFinder. We have many beautiful cats and dogs who would make wonderful pets. Copies of our adoption policy and of the adoption applications for both cats and dogs are available on our website. We would like to encourage everyone to come to our shelter to get to know our pets 'in person'. Both our dogs and our cats always love to be the center of attention! They are very affectionate. You may have a hard time picking one because they are all very loving and sweet! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please be patient with our pets when you adopt them. Many of them have a rough start in life until they come to us. We go out of our way to give them a loving home with the goal of helping them find permanent homes with loving families or individuals. Our pets are happy here, but they will be better off with a home of their own. They often do not know that at first. To them it is just another change, and many times they will be very scared at first. Patience and kindness will help them adjust to your home, but it may take days or even weeks for them to really settle in and feel like they are home. If you don't get discouraged and if you can keep reassuring your pet that things are safe and good at your house, the rewards and end results will be wonderful. Many of our pets live in one room while they are here. Sometimes just giving them their own space will let them feel like they have a safe space in your home before they can adjust to the whole house. Sometimes adopting two pets together can reduce stress on the animals. Sometimes coming to Sierra's Haven to volunteer or just to play with your pet on several occasions ahead of time also helps the pet adjust when you finally take them home. Our goal is for all our pets to find loving, happy homes. We will do all we can to help you and your pet to have a wonderful life together.

How You Can Help Sierra's Haven

We need volunteers daily. We are always in desperate need of people to help with many things. We usually have over two hundred animals to care for at any given time. Sometimes we have more than two hundred and fifty animals. They always need their food and water bowls checked. The floors always need to be cleaned. The cat rooms always need to be checked, scooped, and cleaned. Cats need brushing and petting. Dogs need to be walked and petted. Laundry always piles up unless we have enough workers. Dishes are washed all day long. There is always filing and paper work to be done, too. If you wonder if we can use your help, the answer is a great big YES! Please take the time to come to see what we do here and ask how you can help. If you cannot commit to a certain day or time, just come in and volunteer when you can. We are always glad to have help! ----------------------------------- If you have a group that wants to do a service project, put us on your list! We are always in need of donations. All of our pets have to be immunizatized and treated for fleas periodically. These things are costly. We also must purchase our dog and cat food so that our pets are on a consistant diet. Donated items are appreciated, too. We always need laundry detergent, kitty litter, Clorox, disposable gloves, paper towels, trash bags, wash cloths, canned cat food, cat and dog treats, dishwashing liquid, and computer paper. All donations are appreciated and much needed. --------------------------------------------------- Any time you want to drop off items for the next yard sale or for the auction, go right ahead. We have a storage building just for this purpose. These items go a long way toward helping us meet our financial needs. We appreciate all the help and support that we receive from our friends and community organizations. ---------------------------- Our hope is that more and more people will be able to put us on their to do list! We hope to see you here soon! --------------------------For other details about ways to help Sierra's Haven, see our website

Come Visit Us!

We are located just 3 miles north of Portsmouth, Ohio, or 5 miles south of Lucasville, OH, at the Clay High School overpass. Go past Shawnee Animal Clinic, turn right at Heartland Nursing Home, and we are just up the hill. Easter Drive is located between Shawnee Animal Clinic and Heartland Nursing Facility. Our hours are MONDAY - SATURDAY 10AM to 4:00PM. Sunday by appointment only. Our phone number is (740)-353-5100.
Sierra's Haven For New and Used Pets

80 Easter Drive
Portsmouth, OH 45662

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