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Happy tails



We are finally able to update out activities here.(now i just have to remember my coding)

We have been 'bathed' in challenges, triumphs and blessings...starting in the spring with our 50 year old water well collapsing in April...the blessing being that the fellow that does wells in our county is a neighbor and realized that with all these critters here, we could not be without water...even though we did not have funds to drill a new well. With crowdfunding we managed to raise $6000.00 of the 12,000 needed. we are hobbling along paying what we can every month.(we still owe $5000 so if you might have a few extra $dollars, we sure would appreciate any donations.) Say an abundance prayer for us and/or promise to visit us in debtors' prison!


We have had a extensive 'old dog' population this year too. Four that were adopted as pups and have come back to us as seniors, due to life changing circumstances of their owners. Thankfully they remembered that we commit to our adoptees for life, so they will complete their lives here.

the meat truck has arrived...lets celebrate

Here on Petfinder, we have been unable to update our front page with the current news or post new adoptables. We are still here with an abundance of senior animals in hospice care, getting ready to make their grand transition. It keeps us very busy and in a loving and Heart-Full place. We also have a new cat sanctuary that we are supporting. We have several dogs that have been returned after being adopted as puppies but the moms and/or dads have moved to assisted living situations. We are grateful that these families remembered that we told them that we commit to our adopted pets for life and that they can come back anytime. Needless to say we have a full house here at the 'Dog farm'

if you may have a pet that needs help with re-homing, please do not hesitate to call us. We are continuing to train and place service dogs with the help of our mentor Kait at go0d dog jobs LLC. Our other website at Adopt-a-Pet has a more extended list of our adoptables, but we have a long waiting list and have been placing pets from that list. Hopefully we will be able to post pictures and stories here in the very near future. We Love you all and will never stop advocating for animals in need.


      Over the hills at Camelot, one can see winter is on the horizon. Everyone knows what this means: longer colder nights and a much more perilous time for puppies and kittens and their mothers. While this can easily slip the minds of busy people, we know you, as friends of our work, think about it with your new friend, as you cozy up in your warm houses, grateful for the forces that brought you to each other.

    The generosity we receive means the world to us. We are given food and beds and blankets without which we would hardly be able to do this work. But winter brings special challenges from heat to vet bills to creating accommodations for animals who must be brought inside. For this reason we are asking for donations of dollars. We welcome gifts at any level.

   $25 means heat for a month in the Puppy Parlor room

   $50 means vaccinations or worm medicine for a litter of pups

   $75 means a spay or neuter to prevent more homeless puppies and kittens

   $100 GRAND will buy us ALL a Summer Cruise to the Caribbean!

    We have so many wonderful animals, each with a story, and so many wonderful people with stories too.

It is such a great and hopeful thing when these stories link up and create a Happy Beginning. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us.

We hope this missive finds you happy and healthy and enjoying all the magic that life has to offer…You Deserve it…We all do~

All donations are tax deductible


This is Dixie, who came 16 years ago as an abandoned mom with 5 pups. She made it clear that she never wanted to leave after being adopted twice and being returned due to her emotional behavior. We got the message and welcomed her as a permanent resident. She still goes on walks with our pack...a bit more cautiously as she is blind now and has limited hearing. Dixie has been our matriarch for some time now and can keep us all balanced even with her limited physical abilities.

We are celebrating our 25th year as an Animal Sanctuary. And now we have 2 auxiliary cat sanctuaries...all in all, housing 60 animals. Most all of our residents are here for the remainders of their time on this earthen ball. We love giving them the security of warm and comfortable surroundings, lots of fun things to do, including checking the P-Mail every day while walking our fields... and plenty of Love. We feel like the lucky ones in this equation. We do take in adoptable animals occasionally and are active in training Service and Emotional Support dogs, all from local pounds.

We commit to the animals we adopt for life, so many of our residents are older dogs that have come back because of life changing situations in their previous owners lives. Most are elders and we offer them the security to live out their lives here.

We have nurtured an amazing network of rescue folks and volunteers that keep us moving very smoothly and able to help animals whenever asked. There is never a dull moment at the dog farm and cat sanctuaries...keeps us all looking a bit older, but feeling Very young and frisky. And a special 'Thank You' to all that have adopted from us and shared their love with our special dogs and cats, horses, pigs, birds, and goats and just recently, a skunk. And we can't forget all of you that have donated food, beds and supplies of all kinds, The Pedigree Foundation, Petsmart and Rich and Marcus Games at Sojourners for their fiscal sponsorship and non-profit status. We feel the LOVE..REALLY. We humbly thank you for creating a little room in your Heart for us and as our friends and supporters, You are ALWAYS in Ours.

We are as You are with Love for the animals. Stephanie, Kathy, Denise, Carol, Susan, Gina, and Sherrill and Sheila

Pictures from Creekside Cat Sanctuary

Camelot Puppy Sanctuary and our sister Kitty Sanctuary, Creekside Kitty sanctuary(with Carol at the helm) houses and cares for a minimum of 50 animals at a time. We also support, share resources. network and volunteer with many other benevolent folks, who help us create the most optium chances for our dogs and kitties to find good homes.

2nd Chance Companions, who help us place some of our dogs into the Prison Program in Lancaster, Stop the Suffering and their volunteers who pull and placedogs at the Perry County Pound(among other pounds)who are at greatest risk of death. We have committed to many older, hard to place old timers, who come here to live out their lives. We are very invested in allowing these old timers quality Hospice care and a natural process of transition into non-physical.

Over the Hills at Camelot, one can see winter on the horizon. Everyone knows that this means: longer colder nights and a much more perilous time for abandoned dogs and puppies and their mothers. While this can easily slip the minds of busy people like you, as friends of our work, think about it with your new friend, as you cosy up in your warm houses, grateful for the forcees that brought you to each other. The generosity we receive means the world to us. We are given food and beds and blankets without which we would hardly be able to do this work. But winter brings special challenges from heat to vet bills to creating accommodations for animals who must be brought inside. For this reason we are asking for donations of $Dollars. We Welcome gifts at any level.

$25 means heat for a month in the Senior and Puppy Parlor room

$50 means vaccinations or worm medicine for a litter of pups

$75 means a spay or neuter to prevent more homeless puppies

$100 GRAND will buy us ALL a Winter Time Share Condo in the Caribbean!

We have so many wonderful animals, each with a story, and so many wonderful people with stories too.

It is such a great and hopeful thing when these stories link up and create a Happy Beginning~ Thanks so much for sharing your stories with us.


Making Snow angels is our favorite Winter pastime



a few of our favorite activities at the Sanctuary

Meditating..rock climbing...ball catching...puttin hay in the barn...grass rolling...gardening (plant squashing, really) ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Our First Pilots n Paws flight for the newly adopted Bozo! That's our pilot, Chuck, just before they took off...On their way to Ann Arbor Michigan for a Happy New Beginning,




. ******************************************************************* _

♫ I Have a Never Ending LOVE for you

The first time I met you i Knew

And from now on, that's all i wanna do

Is sing my Never Ending Song of Love to YOU ♫


Pack Walk *************************************************************************************

( a Robust singing skill is correlated with a strong immune system in songbirds. Male birds with the most extensive repertoire of tunes also have the largest spleens, a key measure of immune system health.)

*********Smile - it increases your face value*********

♫when you're Smilin'...when you're Smilin'...the whole world Smiles with you~ ♫


~~We Hope that YOU are Having As Much FUN As You Can BEFORE Someone Makes You Stop~~

~ May ALL The New Folks That You meet be Interesting and Kind~


~~May your Accessories ALWAYS Harmonize with Your Natural BEAUTY~~

Our Featured Pet...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Randalls Story~ ........FROM a cold life on a chain, to a short stop at the Sanctuary for grooming and some Mr. Manners training.... to One Delightfully Happy Homebound Hound!

meager beginnings

~~Free at last...Free at Last... THANK goD almighty, I AM free at last~

Ready for his road trip to his forever home in Las Vegas~

Randall's Proud new Parents, Glen and Marcia

A pensive moment at his new Shack

These pictures speak 1000 words! from his picture, tied up in the cold, to his 'happily ever after' home. His rescue involved Many Kind Hearts and dedicated efforts to spring him before he froze to death, and then, be transported and vetted and grommed and evaluated by our behaviorist, find his perfect family, and finally, his journey to his new Forever Home, 1500 miles away in Las Vegas. We are grateful for all who were involved in his success.

This pup was spotted by a Kind Hearted neighbor, who passed him every day on her pack walks. She would position his dog house so that he could, at least, get in it, trek back to her house and bring him unfrozen water and some food... It seems he was being totally ignored except for an occasional meal, and had been on his chain since he was a tiny pup. With much begging, we finally convinced his owners that he was going to die, if not brought inside. It was soooo cold, that they just didn't want to go out and feed him and bringing him in was not an option.... So they finally agreed.

The wheels started churning, phone calls were made, transportation was arranged, miles were traveled, and hook-ups were made. The process was nothing less than miraculous and synchronistic and magical...and involved Many 'doggie angels'.

So this is Randall's story, ( Who now has 3 names.... Randall La Roo) a new mom and dad, some sisters and big brother, a swimming pool and ALL the amenities in life that he deserves.

~I hope you will be inspired to take a chance on a Rescue Dog~

♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



We ALWAYS Welcome the Downdrodden to the Land of Milk Bones and HONEY!


***** No happiness equals the JOY of finding a Heart that understands******


************************************************************************************************ __________________________________________________________________________


We hear about recession, depression and economic downturn, but business is Booming here! It's not harder to make 'ends meet' at the sanctuary...(rear)Ends are meeting daily, followed by wagging tails, romping and running and playing. The dogs never complain about the Dow or care about the S&P, so We Shall Not Either! "Give us this Day, our Daily Burger"...that's our mantra and we're stickin' to it.... Dogs find Joy in EVERY precious moment - something sweet in the air to smell ...something stink-y in the grass to roll in. JOY is Job One and we wish for you and your family, to Quiet your barking minds and see the Genuine Wealth and Beauty that is all around us.


some of our former residents

. HENRY Daisy

Charlie and his Pack ~~

Miss Blossom and two wonderful new laps to fill

________________________________________________________________________________ ****************************************************************************************************************************

A DOG will inspire you to: Trust More, Worry Less, Be Loyal and Patient AND be Grateful for all the Small Treats that Life has to offer!


********************************************************************* *****************************************************************************

We Miss 100% of the shots we Never take!

Rooney, a Very talented and I might add, Handsome Young man, illustrates how he never misses the chance to take a shot!

and here he is with his new recruited team member, Grace(also adopted from Camelot)


AS the really hot weather sets in....special provisions need to be made for our senior dogs(and there are quite a few now). Extra fans for the 'old folks' part of the house, a few extra 'off the ground' beds and lots and lots of toys and games for the times that walking and playing outside is not possible. (personally I AM hoping for a cooler summer with no power our small generator doesn't support doggie television.) While we can't take on any more dogs until Spring, we can help you find a place for animals that need help being re-homed before you consider taking them to the pound) Please do not hesitate to call us if you need help rehoming your dogs and pups.

If you would like to help us in our Joyous work. please consider a donation. EVERY penny goes to doggie needs(and some extra treats!).


pictures from around our Sanctuary ~

***Liver Treat Treasure Hunt in the Stone and Flower Circle***




************************************************************ Kuranda Dog Beds - Rethinking dog beds
Kuranda Dog Beds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Donate a Bed
Our dogs and Cats LOVE to sleep on Kuranda Dog and Cat beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. It's pretty funny watching the game of musical beds to see who wins...and the sweetest thing is when they share! They now carry a bunk bed that would be fun to try, especially for the young pups that could claim the top bunk. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog and/or Cat to sleep in comfort, please click here.

Who We Are

Camelot was created to help abandoned moms and their pups. They are brought to us by Doggie Angels, who find them in some precarious situation and do not want to take them to the county dog shelter. We adopt the pups, spay the moms and find the moms a home too! Any pups with health issues that are unadoptable, get to spend their lives here. Please consider a donation to help support these 'special needs kids' ~ We also, on occasion, rescue Parrots, Pigs and Ponies.

UPDATE....While we still take in moms and pups, our focus as changed to helping the overwhelming number of older dogs that are being brought to the pounds because of the economic situation and folks loosing their homes. They are not at the pounds though any fault of their own, and deserve a second chance at a forever home. And while lots of folks(myself included) have a hard time going to the pounds and not wanting to take them ALL home), we think that they may have an extra chance if you do not have to go to the pound we bring them here, evaluate their needs and re-home them from our Sanctuary. Things WILL get better, but in the meantime, please consider an older dog that has been with a family before, and is seeking the security and comfort of a new family. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED, as it is most gratifying to know, that even though you may not have as much time with your new friend, as you would with a pup, your compassion and understanding for their plight will REWARD you bountifully! All of our Sanctuary Dogs and Fosters are fed an all Natural/RAW diet.

Don't let it be forgot

That once there was a spot

For one brief shining moment

That was known as Camelot~



♥ Thanks to the ongoing support from the following folks: Tad Kiefaber, Phil and Jean Green, Denise Adler, Pam Rhoades,(Thanks Pam and Jane for our new Green Puppy Deere) the Durtschi Family Faye and Carl Chamberlain, Phllip and Christina, Bruce and Mary, Mary Long, Denise, Judy Stanford, Linda Marshall, Kendra and Roberta Wright , Jodeena Manns, Susan, Shiela, Gina, , Arbie , Sharon, Sherrill, Our GREAT FOSTER MOMS: Susan and, Kathy, .. Michael Nelson, Phyllis and Forrest for the continuous donations of meat for our residents, Jim P, the Pedigree Foundation and Petland Corporate(Chris and Parker) for their Generous donation of crates for our spay/neuter clinic and dogfood.



"In short there is simply not

A more Congenial spot

For happily ever aftering

Than here at CAMELOT! "

Adopting a Friend

*******Updated adoption policy *******<

Most adoptions are for a Free Will Donation...We want our dogs and kitties to go to as many good homes as possible and give and share all the LOVE that they came here for. A vet reference and contract is still required, stating that your pup would be spayed/neutered after maturity...and of course be returned here if, for Any reason, that the pet needs to be re-homed. We commit to our dogs for Life~ We also do home visits whenever possible. There are some exceptions where there has been extensive Vet bills incurred. We trust that you will know in your Heart, what your new companion is worth to you and honor and trust all desicions that you make.


We work with a wonderful animal trainer and behaviorist, GINA SIMS. If any of your furry beasts are having 'issues' Gina can help. She is a dog whisperer, cat whisperer, and a bunny and goat whisperer too. So call her if ....Your Cat is causing a Cat-astrophy.... your Puppy is too Peppy, your Goat is acting like a Kid or your Bunny is making you 'hoppin' mad and she will help them all get back into balance....740-887-4622
visit Gina's website

Come Visit Us!

Hours are by appointment , so please contact us for available times and directions to the Sanctuary, which is in Southeastern, Oh. (McArthur 45651)

♥♥♥♥ϖ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

If you are coming to visit us, we are ALWAYS in need of Old Towels and Blankets , Quilts, Old Bedspreads and Sheets and pillow cases, Throw Rugs, stuffed toys,(or not so stuffed toys) dog collars and...Bowling Balls for our Funky Memorial Garden.....and any old Freezer burned meat for our it time to clean out your freezer?

(look for the 'soul' of our garden)



~~ nighty nite~~~Sleep Tight~~~SWEET DREAMS ***

Our WISH List

A small Farm Tractor to mow the grazing fields for our Rescue horses, 200 bales of Great horse hay, Kuranda Beds(especially for our Senior dogs and cats) and $Dollars for spay and neuter.

CAMELOT Puppy Sanctuary

McArthur, OH 45651
Phone: 740-596-8235

Learn about feeding Raw!
Read an eye opening e-book about vaccinations!

______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Read about 2 of our former rescued residents who, along with their new parents, are embarking on an 'incredible journey'....walking from NYC to San Francisco with their therapy dogs....Healing Hearts along the way....a.truly inspiring story........then leave them some words of encouragement!(and a donation)

This is so much fun listening to the stories, seeing their pictures and adventures as they make their way across the Us of A. Please support Rescue and Therapy, by supporting Max and Grace and Kait and John~


~~~May Your Friends ALWAYS bring you JOY !~~~

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