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 Foster homes desperately needed.  More and more dogs/cats are finding themselves homeless.  They are either abandoned or taken to shelters and pounds. Although many of these places are trying their best to find homes for these dogs/cats they just keep coming in.  Rescues help empty these shelters since we can hold onto dogs/cats a little longer.    The more foster homes we have the more we can save from being euthanized. 

If you can provide a temporary home for dog/cat  please contact us for more info 
or fill out our foster application at




Adopting A Friend

Please check out our web site for more info about how to adopt


Don't think because they are in a foster home they don' t need home.  The more that are adopted and free up a space in a foster home the more we can save.

Not sure which type of dog you would like to adopt?  Why not try fostering? 


Who We Are

We are a small not for profit 501(c)(3) All volunteer - national rescue group  who are dedicated to rescuing and re-homing toy breed dogs from commercial kennels, puppymills and kill shelters.  We consist of volunteer families and individuals throughout the U.S.,  who foster in our homes.  Although we concentrate on the toy breeds we are not limited to helping other animals out when needed.   At times you will see a cat or bigger dog that is currently in our foster care looking for a home.

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