North American Shar-pei Rescue Great Lakes Region (Ohio, Illinois and Indiana)

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North American Shar Pei Rescue Inc. is a non profit organization with members and volunteers all over the U.S. annd Canada. We rescue adoptable pure bred Chinese Shar- Pei and place them in suitable homes. All our sponsored dogs are health checked and their temperment evaluated. All of our dogs go to homes neutered or spayed. There are no exceptions. We also offer free web space for any legitimate Shar-Pei Rescue group to place dogs they may have up for adoption. We provide free home visits, transportation when possible, evaulations and any other service needed to any breed rescue. We have eleven U.S. Regions and three in Canada with Coordinators for each. Please visit our web site for further information regarding us and our dogs...

Contact Information:

North American Shar-pei Rescue Great Lakes Region
Fredericksburg, OH 44627
Phone: (330) 695-9819

Email: Lois Brown []
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