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To save shelter dogs in need and place them in good homes. To promote the placement of special need dogs with the help of adoption bags, grooming, socialization and providing needed supplies. To pair the right dog with the right human companion(s), enriching everyone's lives.

To develop trust and love with a dog that needs to be reminded that many humans can and will take good, loving care of it for the rest of its lives. To then find loving homes for these previously abused, abandoned, sick, neglected and confused dogs. To give the dog a solid re-start with behavior, health, and trust. To spay/neuter our rescued dogs of age to stop the cycle of unwanted litters.

Sheltered Paws Dog Rescue was established in 1997, we are a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, all of our work is done by volunteers.

We are dedicated to helping save shelter dogs by placing them in temporary, loving foster homes. When you adopt from us, you are helping to save a shelter dog!!

We work in 2 ways to save shelter dogs:
1. We save shelter dogs that require a temporary foster home and place them in good permanent homes.
2. We partner with the SPCA Cincinnati to promote the placement of their special need dogs. We offer adoption goodie bags containing a collar, leash, ID tag, training DVD and training booklet, treats and many other valuable things to help get us started together.

We strive to pair the right dog with the right human companion(s), enriching everyone's lives.
What type of dogs do we usually foster?
Orphans too young for adoption
Nursing mothers
Mildly sick/injured dogs
Dogs that have been abused
Dogs that can not adjust to living in a shelter environment
We only foster shelter dogs and cannot accept dogs directly from an owner