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Fayette County Dog Shelter Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 AM To 3:30 PM We are closed Saturday, Sunday and all major Holidays. WE ARE CURRENTLY IN NEED OF BLEACH and GRAIN FREE, BEEF FREE DOG FOOD. WE HAVE SOME DOGS WITH ALLERGIES AND DO WELL WITH THIS TYPE OF FOOD.

The Fayette County Dog Warden announces that the shelter is in current need of the following items: - LAUNDRY SOAP ~PAPER TOWELS~BLEACH~PINE SOL~LYSOL SPRAY~ CASH FOR OUR SPAY/NEUTER FUND ~ COLLARS ~ LEASHES ~ FOSTER HOMES. YOU MAY CALL US AT 1-740-335-6630.

Who We Are

The Fayette County Dog Shelter is under the direction of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office. The Dog Warden is a deputy sheriff and averages 30-35 calls per week for stray dogs, dogs running at large, dog bites and investigates animals killed by dogs and coyotes. We will assist people who are looking for their lost dog, needing tips on dog care or who want to adopt a dog. We have a public bulletin board so pet owners can post flyers about their lost dog or who are looking for good homes for their free dog. We are a small dog shelter with limited space so all our dogs are desperately seeking homes. We try, but there just aren't enough homes for all the dogs/puppies, so we can use your help. Placing them is urgent. If you can help by adopting or placing any of our dogs please don't hesitate to call. PLEASE have your dog SPAYED or NEUTERED to cut down on over populations of dogs. THANKS to all of you who have already adopted a dog/puppy from our shelter, and a who have contributed to the cause.

Adopting a friend

Adoption Fees as follows: FEMALES- $74.00, includes a $100 spay coupon, first 5 way vaccine "DHLPP" a 20 lb bag of Pedigree dog food, an up-to-date license tag, good in all counties in Ohio. MALES- $61.50, includes a $75 neuter coupon, first 5 way vaccine "DHLPP" a 20 lb bag of Pedigree dog food, and an up-to-date license tag, good in all Ohio counties. All puppies under 6 months start at $24.00 which includes $12.00 for current dog license, $6.00 kennel fee and a $6.00 vaccination fee for a five way shot, A 20 lb bag of Pedigree dog food. Buckley Brothers is also offering a "free dog wash" to anyone who adopts from here.

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Fayette County Dog Shelter
1550 Robinson Road
Washington C.H., OH 43160
Phone: (740) 335-6630

Dog Wardens:

Deputy Sheriff Robert Pitakos, Assistant Dog Warden Nelson Prater


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