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NOMAD low cost spay/neuter cat clinic returns to the Miami County Animal Shelter Male cats will be altered for only $35, females are $55. Low cost shots are also available to cats being altered. All applicants must pre-pay and reserve an appointment. Call the shelter today for upcoming dates!

Who We Are

The Miami County Animal Shelter is a county operated dog control agency dedicated to the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Miami County and to the safety, welfare and humane treatment of animals. We try to maintain our Petfinder listing frequently, but some listed pets may be already adopted or no longer in our system. Our pet selection is constantly changing, so if you don't find a pet at our shelter this week, please come back next week! Most of our pets are mixed. These types typically have less health problems in the long run than purebred pets. So if you have always wanted a Husky, be open minded and try a Husky mix! We also have purebred pets available! Most of our pets are younger. By adopting a dog that is not a puppy, you will skip the “pooping and chewing” stage! Dogs can be trained at any age. Mature pets can easily "grow up with your kids".

Adopting a friend

DOGS $82.00 un-neutered; $52.00 neutered All dogs adopted will be given their first distemper shot and first dose of worm medicine. The $12.00 license fee is included in the above fees. The $82.00 fee includes a $30.00 neuter deposit, All pets adopted are required to be neutered by the Vet of your choice within 45 days from the date of adoption or when the puppy/kitten reaches 6-7 months of age. NEUTERING IS MANDATORY. With each pet adopted, you will receive a coupon for a free health examination at the Vet of your choice within Miami County. HOLD POLICY Anyone interested in adopting a dog that is within the 3-day holding period must complete a temporary adoption application. The animal shelter will contact the most suitable home at the end of the holding period. CATS $40.00 un-neutered; $20.00 neutered All cats adopted will be given their first distemper shot and first dose of worm medicine. The neutering requirements and the free health exam coupon are the same as above. Rescue Policy - The Miami Co. Animal Shelter is very happy to work with rescue groups however the following policy will apply. Our first priority is to place a pet in a good, permanent home. Rescue groups will be considered last resort adopters. Rescues may put their name on a dog and if the dog is not adopted in a timely manner and depending on space availability at the shelter, they will be called if we need them to adopt the dog. They are at no time to have first choice at the dog. Shelter personnel will decide at what point a dog will be placed in rescue.

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We are located in Troy, Ohio. Please use for detailed, free driving instructions. Otherwise, feel free to call the shelter. Hours:
Mon-Fri 8 to 4
Wed 8 to 6
Sat 8 to noon
Sun closed
Miami County Animal Shelter
1110 North County Road 25A
Troy, OH 45373
Phone: 937-332-6919
Fax: 937-332-7060

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