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The Lake County Dog Shelter is run by the Lake County Dog Warden, who serves the residents of Lake County and seeks to educate them on the responsibilities of pet ownership. The Dog Warden works to protect lost dogs and attempts to reunite them with their owners. If your dog is missing, we should be your first phone call! While state law permits the Dog Warden to dispose of stray dogs, this is considered a last resort and is only pursued when attempts to return or place the dog have failed. Many great dogs are currently waiting to be adopted. Dedicated to our tasks, the Dog Warden's office operates on a 24 hour basis. All dogs in the State of Ohio are required to be licensed at three months of age. We are authorized to handle only dogs, as mandated by state law.


Licensing is a requirement of Ohio law; all dogs three months of age and older must be licensed immediately. New licenses are sold between December 1 and January 31. Dogs acquired after January 31 must be licensed immediately to avoid penalty fees. Current dog licenses identify the owner should the dog become lost; if our office is closed, anyone finding a dog can call the Sheriff's Department and get owner information. If your dog is brought to our facility and is wearing its license, you will be notified as soon as possible. Dogs not wearing their current license are held at lease three days for reclamation (Ohio law states a stray must be held for 72 hours prior to adoption). Dogs with current licenses are held for 14 days; during this holding period, every attempt is made to contact the owner of record, including sending a certified letter. If you have lost a dog you can call us to report your missing animal. There is a website called on which you can post a lost report and check found dog reports.

Adopting a friend

Each adoptable dog must be cleared by our Veterinarian prior to being made available for adoption. We encourage potential dog owners to do some research on breed traits prior to coming to our facility, and to spend some time with the dog they are interested in. If they have children or another dog at home, we encourage them to bring their existing family here for a meeting with the potential "new" family member before adopting. Our current adoption fee is $100.00, which includes a Veterinary assessment form, a current dog license, initial vaccinations, a de-worming for round and hookworms, a microchip and the registration to the new owner.

Our Wish List

THANK YOU FOR THINKING OF US!! As you may know, the Lake County Dog Shelter is not funded by tax dollars. Therefore, both the staff and the dogs themselves tremendously appreciate all donations of money and supplies. Donations made in someone's name as a gift or memorial are welcomed. We now offer memorial bricks and wall tiles available to individuals or corporations! All donations may be tax-deductible on an itemized return (check with your tax preparer). The dogs would love to have the following: Clean towels, collars and leashes, grooming supplies, and toys. To protect the dogs' tummies, please consider a monetary gift in lieu of dog foods or snacks. Our staff can always use any cleaning, laundry, office or medical supplies. Plastc storage boxes, drawer organizers, etc. are also handy. CANS FOR CANINES! We have a recycle bin for aluminum located in our west parking lot at the entrance to our Dog Park.

Come Visit Us!

We are located at 2600 North Ridge Rd, Painesville, Ohio 44077. Our shelter is open Monday-Friday 10-4 and Saturday 8-11:30.
Lake County Dog Shelter
2600 North Ridge Road

Painesville, OH 44077
Phone: 440-350-2640

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