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YOU can make a huge difference by fostering just one dog. ONE dog, ONE time a year is ONE life that could be possibly saved! Each and everyday we have the opportunity to save more Cairns in need, but we can't do it if we don't have the Foster Homes to place them in. Would you like to learn more on how you can help?
FAQ's on Fostering a Cairn

Who We Are

We are NOT A SHELTER with a single physical location. Instead, we are a national network of volunteers working to help re-home Cairns in need.

We began as a small internet community of people trying to help one of their members through the heartache of losing a little Cairn named Col. Potter. In the weeks that followed that simple process of showing care and support, a national Cairn terrier rescue was born. It filled a void to serve a wonderful, randomly protected, and sometimes misunderstood breed. Cairns can have every kind of personality, from laid back to intensely lively; most fall somewhere in between.

Our rescue attracts caring foster homes who will provide guidance and love; sometimes for the first time in a rescued Cairn's life. Our foster homes also provide an honest, realistic evaluation of each Cairn's personality, so an approved applicant can expect to be matched with a Cairn whose traits and behaviors fit their lifestyle.

At present, Col. Potter has just under 200 foster homes all over the United States. If you think you would like to foster, or volunteer in some other capacity, we welcome your interest: Volunteer Opportunities

If there isn't a Cairn in the Great Lakes region for you, there may be one soon, or there may be one in another region that's just perfect for you.

Check our other regions for Cairns waiting to find a forever home:

But how can I adopt a Cairn several states away from me?

Some of our adoptive families choose to fly to the city where their Cairn is being fostered, and carry the dog back in-cabin. Many of our Cairns can be flown cargo. Cargo air travel for a pet is $100-$220, depending on the distance. Or if an adoptive home is within driving distance of a Cairn's foster home, a transport can sometimes be arranged if the adoptive home can drive part of the distance. A small mileage fee is required if a transport is arranged. Please note: Visits prior to adoption are only possible if you live in the same city as the Cairn you have been approved to adopt.

How our adoption process works:

The Col. Potter adoption process is structured to find permanent homes that understand the breed - or are willing to learn.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions prior to filling out an application. Each Cairn's write up has a link to the Adoption Application

Come Visit Our Website!

If you are owned by a Cairn or two, or simply love Cairns and would like to know more about them, our website Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network has a wealth of information.

Petfinder lists just a few of the Cairns we have waiting for loving homes. Click the link to see pictures and write ups for ALL of our Available Cairns.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network - Great Lakes Region
Great Lakes Region Zip Code: Medina, OH 44256

Email: Julia

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