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Somebunny's waiting to become part of your family...

Rescued rabbits are remarkable companions!  They can be wise or silly, affectionate or aloof, independent or very social.  You can almost certainly find one with a personality that will steal your heart and enhance your life.

  Currently, Harewood has more rabbits than foster homes, and so placing these special creatures is more urgent than ever.  If you've ever considered adopting a rabbit, please check out our special bunnies.  Somebunny's waiting to become part of your family.


Who We Are

Harewood is a private, not-for-profit, organization operated entirely by private funds.  Our mission is to educate people about rabbits and to help save needy rabbits who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.


Adopting a friend

All rabbits are adopted from Harewood into indoor, loving homes only.  An Adoption Application, contract and fee are required.

For more information about adopting a rabbit, please call 330-922-3622 or email at

Phone: 330-922-3622

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