Sandusky County Dog Shelter

Adopt a Friend FOR LIFE

Please call 419-334-2372, preferably between 8AM and 4:15PM M-F. (call-backs limited after these times!)********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Adoption Fees: 1. Regular adoption: $80.00 2. Adoption of dog that has already been altered: $70.00 3. Adoption of dog to a verifiable 501C3 organization is no cost but must have verification of the dog being spay or neutered. 4. Add $18.00 for licenses to all fees except for dogs: leaving the State of Ohio,or dogs going to a Humane Society Shelter. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** You can see how we do adoptions at: Follow "Adoption options" (also long distance adoption procedure link on this page) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Please keep in mind we do not have veterinarians, vet techs, or behaviorists on our staff due to lack of sufficient funds. The information given about our dogs is purely from observation of people who have experience with dogs. Thanks for your consideration and visiting our site, and we truly hope you find a pet that you can enjoy for years to come.

Please use mapquest, google maps, or your choice of mapping services to find directions to Sandusky County Dog Shelter
1950 Countryside Place.
Fremont, OH 43420

Phone: 419-334-2372

Open 8am to 4:15pm Monday through Friday.

Open 8am to 11:45pm on Saturdays

Not open holidays.

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