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Meet Chris a 1 year old neutered male Siamese lynx point. Chris has turned up at a cat lovers home and has been staring into his sliding glass doors dreaming of food and a warm home to live in. Unfortunately they have a small home and 4 other cats that showed up the same way. They contacted me not being able to stand watching this little guy outside in the cold hoping I could find a home for him. It won't be easy because of his shyness. We are so hoping someone will give him a chance so he doesn't have to be an outside release this spring. Chris is very gentle and should be a fine companion for other cats and we think we also warm up if given half a chance. Chris has been bloodtested, vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered, weighs about 8 lbs, not a big cat, still young. We are not asking an adoption fee but will screen applicants for suitability. Please give this guy a chance and email tmt442@fuse.net for an application.





News-Blindness not a handicap for this happy cat

Cindy was a completely blind, feral cat living by her wits near a KFC outside Cincinnati. She was caring for her 3 babies in the bushes where she was caught. We brought her into our house where she quickly took over the chair next to the fireplace. With love, she has become a very affectionate cat. She plays with her new brother, Spike, wrestling and grooming each other. Cindy, also, carries all her favorite toys to the top of the stairs for safe keeping. She navigates the house and the litter-box so well that it's hard to believe she's blind. Cindy has been so full of surprises that we wonder what we did before we had her. She's such a joy!

What We Do

Harrison Animal Rescue (H.A.R.) was created to place dogs and cats into responsible, loving, permanent homes. Dogs and cats come to us from shelters.....found as strays.....breeders, where they were no longer wanted or were awaiting a sometimes horrible fate.....homes where they were no longer wanted. Since 2000, H.A.R. has been taking in some of the more difficult to place animals with problems which would have caused them to be destroyed e.g. abused, neglected, disabled, senior, chronically ill, behavioral problems, personality problems. H.A.R. provides all the medical care and whatever physical rehabilitation is necessary. Some animals go into foster homes for more intense rehabilitation. With love and time, they thrive and find loving homes.

How To Adopt a friend

Should you see a dog or cat in which you are interested, please, email the person listed in the pet's description or email Laura at tmt442@fuse.net. You will be sent an introductory letter and an application. Initially, contact is through email. There is an adoption fee, which covers medical and other expenses. We do not profit from the adoption of these rescued animals.


We strive to pair these precious animals with an appropriate human companion in the loving, permanent home that is best for both animal and companion. We attempt to educate others on the complexities and the enormity of the problem of neglected and abused animals.

Where We Are

We are located 20 minutes west of downtown Cincinnati. We are not a shelter with a large facility and are not in the phonebook. We have an application process for adoption.

Thank you for being willing to adopt a rescued animal and for considering Harrison Animal Rescue.

Harrison Animal Rescue
20 minutes west of Cincinnati
Email: tmt442@fuse.net
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