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Joseph’s Legacy, a Middletown, Ohio-based non-profit animal rescue, has received its 501C3 designation from the IRS. This designation gives the organization the ability to accept donations that are tax-deductible to the donor.

“This is a major stepping stone for the growth of our organization,” said its founder and president, Meg Melampy. “Now we can tell people they can take donations to Joseph’s Legacy off on their tax returns, because the IRS has researched us and approves of what we are doing,” she said.

Created after rescuing a German shepherd dog tied to a tree for four years in Middletown, Joseph’s Legacy is comprised of 100-plus active volunteers. Due to their compassion for all living things, these animal advocates have saved the lives of Joseph and many more animals that would have been destroyed. Since the organization’s inception in late 2013, over 1,000 animals, including dogs, cats, pigs, goats, birds, turtles, chickens and rabbits, have been rescued, recovered and rehomed because of Joseph’s Legacy’s mission of “hope and respect for all animals . . . including those in need of costly medical care, who would otherwise be turned away.”

In addition to growing contributions to the organization, Joseph’s Legacy leaders said the new charitable designation will open doors concerning grants and corporate donations. “Many foundations have grant applications that require a non-profit be a 501C3, and many large companies also look for that status before they will sponsor an event,” said the Treasurer of Joseph's Legacy. 

To make a contribution to the organization or to volunteer, contact Joseph’s Legacy, P.O. Box 3  Middletown OH 45042












Adopting A Friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please complete an application from our website at www.josephslegacyrescue.org 

Someone will contact you to discuss the adoption process and set up a meet and greet with the animal you are interested in.  All potential adopters will be subject to a home visit.

We have an adopt one get one special with our kitties as we feel all kitties should have a buddy!

Kittens (under 12 months) $95*  

Cats (12 months and older) $50*

Senior cats $25*

All Felines are combo tested, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, spayed/neutered, rabies vaccine and have received Revolution for flea and earmite treatment.

Puppies (under 12 months) -  $250*

Dog (12 months and older)  - $200*

Senior Dogs - $100*

All Canines are HW tested (if over 6 months old), vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, spayed/neutered, rabies vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, are on monthly flea and heartworm prevention, and also have a current Butler County dog license.

Bunnies - $75* 

All Rabbits have been spayed/neutered.

*Joseph's Legacy reserves the right to raise or lower adoption fees on certain animals. These adjusted fees will normally be added to the individual animal's profile. If there are any concerns about the adoption fee please verify with the adoption coordinator that has contacted you.

Who We Are

Joseph’s Legacy strives to regain hope and respect for all animals. We educate the public on animal welfare and the severe lack of awareness. Joseph’s Legacy rescues those that would otherwise be turned away due to high cost in medical bills but still able to live a long healthy life if treated.

Come Visit Us

At this time, all of our animals are in foster homes.  We are a newly formed rescue and working diligently to get funds to find a physical location.  Our president, Meg Melampy, prefers our animals to be in homes where they are not alone.  However, we would like a facility to take in emergency situations, as well as meet and greet locations, a store front etc.

You can follow us, and the animals we rescue daily, on Facebook at "Joseph's Legacy".  You will see very sad stories turn into very Happy Endings!  Tears of sadness, turned into wonderful tears of joy for the animals rescued and nursed back life!

Our supporters and followers are the foundation of our Rescue and it is with contributions, positive words, prayers and encouragement that we are here today, saving one life at a time.

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