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TNR Task Force! 

Would you like to join?

Volunteers have partnered with CCAWL for TNR! If you like kitties and don't like to see the suffering... how about joining the team? If you have a pick up truck or van or would like to donate your time to help trap the stray, loosely owned and feral cats in select areas starting in September 2016, contact us today. ***HUGE SHOUT OUT to CCAWL for providing vet care!*** 

If you would like to donate to this TNR endeavor, you can donate directly to Champaign County Animal Welfare League 937-834-5236.

Adopting A Friend

Interested in adopting?

2016 Canine adoption fees $100-$200

2016 Feline & caged pet fees $20-$40 

Livestock: Horses $250-500 & Goats $50




Why do fees vary?

Fees may vary due to age of the animal and the vet care needed. Health records are provided at the time of the adoption along with other supplies. A Pet Commitment is required in order to adopt as well.


*What's your process? 

1-Apply: www.tinyurl.com/APP-SLS

2-Meet & Greet: Some pets will require this, others will depend on the situation.

3-Home Visit: A visit must be completed before an adoption can be finalized. A same-day home visit & adoption is possible, but no guarantees can be made on the outcome.

4-Completion: This consists of collecting the adoption fee, signing the adoption agreement and welcoming your new fur baby into your home.

5-Updates: Don't forget to post pictures on our Facebook page in the future. We love when families brag!



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Who We Are

Silver Lining Services, Inc. works with both individuals and families, those involved in animal cruelty or special needs that are referred by other organizations. Placement availability depends on our number of approved foster homes as we have no facility for housing and depend on volunteers. We believe a home environment is best unless medically necessary. All fosters must agree to certain conditions in order to become an approved foster with our organization. Due to this reason, our space is very limited.

*APPLY HERE TO BECOME A FOSTER: www.tinyurl.com/SLS-fosterterms

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