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The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

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We need foster homes for large and small dogs. We especially need foster homes without cats for the occasional dog that just will not live peacefully with cats. We turn dogs in need away every day because of a lack of qualified foster homes.

If you are in the greater Cleveland/NE Ohio area and can help an older dog know what it is like to have a safe, secure, loving foster home, please contact us and we will send you a volunteer/foster application. You will save the life of an old dog with no place to go!

The Sanctuary provides all medical care for foster dogs. We will also provide food for your foster dog if you wish.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs makes a lifelong commitment to every dog that enters our program: if the dog is too ill or too emotionally fragile to be adopted into a loving home, that dog stays with an experienced Sanctuary foster caregiver for life. The Sanctuary does not euthanize dogs considered "unadoptable"; we euthanize only to alleviate suffering from terminal illness.

You can be a part of our program even if you cannot foster or adopt. You can sponsor a permanent Sanctuary resident by making a monthly contribution to the Sanctuary for your sponsored dog's care. Sponsor levels begin with as little as $5 a month, which covers your dog's monthly heartworm preventative. In appreciation for your ongoing support, you will receive a picture of your sponsored dog and periodic updates on your dog's progress. Local sponsors may also arrange a visit with their sponsored dog. A complete list of dogs eligible for sponsorship can be found at; just click on Forever Fosters--Sponsor a Senior Dog for more information.

Helping the Sanctuary care for older dogs is rewarding; you have the knowledge that you are personally participating in saving an old dog's life.

Help Us Staff our Office
The Sanctuary's Adoption & Education Center officially opened in November 2005 in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland and moved to a larger facility in November 2006. We need reliable volunteers to staff 2-4 hour shifts once a month, more frequently if your schedule allows. Please contact us for available times and responsibilities.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
Adoption & Education Center

4681 Broadview Road
Cleveland, Ohio 44109

Wednesdays: 6:00-8:00 PM
Thursdays and Saturdays: 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
and by appointment

Adoption Sundays are held on the last Sunday of each month from 2:00-4:00 PM. Come and meet Sanctuary senior dogs looking for their very own, permanent homes.

Who We Are

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the rescue, adoption, and lifelong care of senior dogs in need. We currently operate a foster network and small in-home sanctuary, but our long range plans include a number of urban centers, apartment buildings and small homes in Cleveland for senior volunteers who will share their homes with our senior dogs. We believe in providing loving home settings for the senior dogs in our care.

We have recently purchased a small home in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood of Cleveland to serve as a quarantine house for senior dogs that arrive from shelters and pounds with a high incidence of contagious disease. Vet tech students will rent the home at a very reasonable rent in exchange for providing loving care for these dogs until the incubation period is over. The dogs will then join one of our existing foster homes, and the quarantine house will be made ready for the next dog from a pound or shelter.

We also have an active therapy dog program. Over the years we have trained many therapy dogs to share their joy with those in need in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, college campuses, group homes, and adult activities centers. Our first therapy dog Georgia, a 13-year-old Yellow Lab/Golden mix, earned her therapy dog credentials in April 2001 and worked in area hospitals and assisted living facilities, bringing healing and happiness to the residents, until her death in June 2003. Since then, we have trained 11 additional therapy dogs, including Burt, a 9 y/o Golden Retriever/Saint Bernard mix, who won Honorable Mention in the Delta Society (now Pet Partners) Beyond Limits 2006 Awards. Currently, Almonzo, an 8-year-old Bull Mastiff mix, and Ivy, a 9-year-old Pomeranian, represent the Sanctuary in our therapy dog work.

Special Note: Due the ever increasing demand for our services, The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs now accepts dogs primarily from shelters in Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Dogs from shelters in other states and in other parts of Ohio are accepted on a space-available basis only. Unfortunately, we can no longer accept dogs directly from the public or from other rescues.

If you are thinking about surrendering your old dog, please exhaust every possibility for keeping your best friend in the home he knows and finds comfortable. There are not enough homes for all the dogs in need. Please do not add another dog to the vast numbers of the homeless unless you have absolutely no other choice.

If you really cannot keep your older dog, try a listing here on PetFinder or an ad in your local newspaper. If you use these placement tools, however, please screen your potential adopter carefully. The life and safety of your dog may depend on it.

We suggest the following steps to help find the right home for your companion animal:

--Ask for and check both personal and veterinary references.

--Visit the potential new home personally. Watch family interactions and treatment of other animals in the home.

--Collect an adoption fee (minimum of $75 cash suggested) to help guarantee that your dog is not sold into research or as fighting dog bait. If you are not comfortable accepting money, collect the cash and send it to the animal charity of the adopter's choice in the adopter's name. But make sure that you handle the transaction.

--Check the drivers license of the potential adopted to make sure you have the correct name and contact information. Also make sure the address on the drivers license matches the address you are visiting.

--Ask for the right to follow up on a pre-arranged schedule: every three months, twice a year, or whatever is comfortable.

If you have doubts about the person interested in your dog, contact your local animal control agency and make sure the potential adopter does not have a history of animal abuse. If you have serious doubts, just look for another home. Never rush to find a home for your dog.

Adopting a friend

To apply to adopt a senior dog from the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs, please call us at 216-485-9233 or e-mail us at We will arrange for you to meet the dog you are interested in at our Adoption & Education Center; you can then fill out an adoption application. All of our dogs are spayed and neutered before adoption and have a current rabies vaccine.

We prefer to limit adoptions to NE Ohio and in special circumstances to other places within a 100-mile drive of Cleveland. If you are interested in a dog and you do not live in NE Ohio, please discuss your situation with us.

The Sanctuary for Senior Dogs
PO Box 609054
Cleveland, OH 44109
Phone: 216-485-9233

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