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Our Mission

FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation's mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and place dogs into new, more suitable homes. FIDO's Rescue was started with a dream, not only to reduce the number of dogs euthanized, place them into home, but also to change the way rescues are looked at in Central Ohio. The members of FIDO have watched plenty of people (with good intentions) push people away from rescue. We have made a commitment, not only to our dogs, but potential adopters, to offer the best and timely services possible with adoptions and potential adopters. We at FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation strive to make sure every dog gets the behavior help he/she needs prior to being considered for adoptions. We also do our best to make sure every dog is placed into a fitting home and that our adopters are adequately prepared for their new friend .


Adopting A Puppy from Us

While FIDO's primary goal is the work with dogs with behavior issues, we often take in some of the many puppies that would otherwise be humanely euthanized each year in rural shelters. In line of our mission, FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation goes out of our way to make sure every puppy receives adequate socialization and appropriate training and vet care for their age. With every puppy adoption, you will receive a Puppy Progress Packet that goes over all of the vaccines and deworming your puppy has had and will be due for, a Free Physical Exam at the Animal Hospital of Polaris within 30 days, and a behavior report card going over the socialization and training your puppy has been started on. We strive to give you the same experience you would receive from a breeder, while giving you the opportunity to save a life. We always welcome suggestions and ideas to continue developing our puppy program!


About Us

FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation started with a goal to prevent less dogs from ending up in shelters, and is now doing its part to place dogs that do end up homeless. FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation began with F.I.D.O (The Finishing Institute for Dog Ownership) when a shelter employee with a training dream left the shelter life and focused his attention on dogs in danger of ending up in shelters, and worked with families to help them bring positive reinforcement training into their home and create a positive relationship with their dogs. Unfortunately, despite his efforts, some owners just aren't willing to put the time or effort into training, and these dogs still end up in shelters.



If you are interested in a dog from FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation please contact us via email at or Click here to fill out an adoption application. Our adoption fees cover the spaying/neutering of our animals, vet care, and training on each dog done by F.I.D.O. Please note that we do NOT do out of state adoptions at this time


About Our Dogs

At FIDO's Rescue and Rehabilitation we strive to find proper placement for all of our dogs. Our dogs either come from clients who decide to surrender their dog for behavior reasons, other rescues who are unable to properly work with and rehabilitate a dog they saved, or dogs in danger of euthanasia due to workable behavior reasons.

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Lancaster, OH

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