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Mission Statement: To reduce the overpopulation and suffering of dogs and cats through education and low-cost spay/neuter programs and to rescue, vet and place adoptable dogs and cats into good permanent homes.

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Our Story:

Planned Pethood, Inc. is a non-profit, Northwest Ohio based organization who cares about the over population of dogs and cats in our community. We feel every companion animal deserves to live a life of dignity which includes adequate food, water, health care and a warm loving home. As a no-kill organization, Planned Pethood, Inc. provides medical treatment and behavioral rehabilitation for animals that come into our care and offers adoptable animals to the public. We do not have a physical shelter. Our dogs and cats are housed in loving foster homes and treated as our own pets.

Adopting a Friend:

All of our pets have been spayed/neutered and are current on all their vaccinations. We also test for parasites and heartworm and treat for both if necessary. Most of our animals have at least 150.00 worth of vet care. Current adoption fees are listed on our website. Instructions for our on line application process are available for dogs and puppies here: Dog Application and for cats and kittens here: Cat Application.
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