Flutterbyes Animal Rescue

Flutterbyes Animal Rescue

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our Featured Pet... Meet Honey Bun!

Honey Bun is a senior Rat Terrier that's been in our rescue for quite some time. Don't let the word senior scare you, she's full of pep!! Honey Bun would make a great companion for an active older couple. She loves to run run run. She almost never stands still long enough to catch your name. Until you plop on the couch that is. Then she makes the cutest of couch ornaments. Honey Bun can not go to a home where there are small pocket pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits, she has a prey drive that's through the roof. That leads to the outside, Honey must be kept on leash at all times outside, you never know what she'll take off after. She's such a sweet girl and we really wish she'd find a home. We know her people are out there somewhere, please spread the word for our little Honey Bun!


As everyone knows by now we are no longer in the Adoption center in Petco. Due to personal family illness we had to leave. Every Dogs Dream is in there and we wish them all the best. We are still avalible and have pets that need homes. Our phone number is still the same. At the moment we will be unable to take in any pets. Hoping in June we will be in shape to be back in full operation.


We are currently accepting donations of bottle and can deposits through the can man. Simply bring your cans in, and say you'd like to donate them to Flutterbyes. Thanks in advance!!

♥Our wish list♥

  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Odo Ban (Found at Sams Club)
  • Clorox wipes
  • Unscented baby wipes
  • Laundry detergent (Any kind)
  • Garbage bags (Construction grade)
  • Collars/Leashes
  • Guinea Pig food and treats
  • Rabbit food and treats
  • Carefresh bedding
  • Timothy hay
  • Scoopable cat litter
  • Gas giftcards (For vet appointments and home visits)
  • Walmart giftcards
  • Agway giftcards
  • Sams Club giftcards
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Who Are We?

Flutterbyes was started by a small group of animal lovers in 2009. After reorganizing membership in 2010 we are happily settled in Glen Aubrey, NY. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and other small pets are welcome here for some TLC before we find them a person to rescue.

Adopting a friend

When adopting from us we require an application with references, if approved we do a home visit for our pooches and vet refs for our kitties. Our adoption fees are $200.00 for dogs, $75.00 for cats. This includes shots, tests and fixing when age allows. A $20.00 donation is requested for the adoption of Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, and Rats. A $10.00 Donation is requested for the adoption of Mice, Gerbils and Hamsters.

Rescued Corner!!


Rocky found his furrrever home in Larissa's arms. Rocky had been at the rescue for quite some time looking for his furrever home. Larissa had recently lost her beloved pet hamster, and asked her mother for a long haired guinea pig, with two exceptions. The Guinea Pig had to be long haired, and it MUST come from a shelter or rescue. Larissa's Mother had her doubts, but Larissa had already pulled up Petfinder and found our Rocky! To Larissa's Mothers amazement, there was a Peruvian, long haired guinea pig, for ADOPTION! Rocky (now Black Magic) will be cared for a doted upon by a loving young lady. Thank you Larissa for choosing adoption!

Flutterbyes Animal Rescue
3449 State Route 26
Glen Aubrey, NY 13777
Phone: 607-348-7952

Email: flutterbyesanimalrescue@yahoo.com

Facebook: Flutterbyes Animal Rescue
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