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Haven House Cats, Inc is a non-profit, volunteer-run rescue group serving the Western New York area.  We help cats in need in whatever capacity we are able to. Our current (and only) foster home is for the permanent resident cats only. We will no longer be accepting surrenders at this time. Our listed adoptable cats are stray/homeless kitties or cats in homes with owners who can no longer keep them.

We also help other rescues when we are unable to bring cats into our own.  We work with other rescues to try and help as many cats as possible.  Occasionally our fundraisers are to raise money for the cats in their care.  No matter what, the money always helps cats in need. 

Haven House Cats began in September 2009 in memory of Baby, a female tortoiseshell abandoned in a flood zone. When Baby was found on the porch of a condemned house, she was starving, flea-ridden, and very sick.  Haven House Cats' Founder, Christina McNeil, took Baby home and attempted to nurse her back to health. Unfortunately, Baby lost her battle to kitty cancer on July 20, 2009. 

Haven House's mission is to give homeless kitties a fighting chance to live, love and be loved. No cat deserves to live or die alone, or be euthanized because there is no space for them and they are no longer wanted.   We are devoted to finding these kitties the very best forever homes, where they will be cared for and loved for the rest of their days. 


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 Regarding Surrenders: Haven House Cats is no longer able to accept owner surrendered cats. Please refer to our website resources page for a list of other area shelters to try.

 Rehoming Assistance:

 Need help finding a home for your cat? For a small fee (donation to the rescue), we will help network your cat on our various sites and spread the word that your kitty needs a home!   We will then forward potential adopters to you so you can choose the home best suited for you cat.  Email us for more info.


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