Dedicated to the rescue and homing of Lethal White Australian Shepherds and Border Collies
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"I am one of many, my name will never be known and my face forgotten. I did not ask to be born and here I die alone and scared. My life will not be remembered how I ended up in this shelter you may never know. I forgive people who have wronged me because I am a dog and my soul is selfless and pure. I will die in the shelter because we are to many and rescuers are to few. I stand for the love and loyalty I could have given someone but they will never know I was born or that I have died. Ode to the one who did not make it out just a number for a life # 9d2961 Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
Here in White Angels Hope we try to make a difference. Help us to make that difference foster or sponsor a dog and help to save a life."

Written by Margret ~ White Angels Hope Rescue


Who We Are

White Angels Hope is dedicated to the rescue and homing of dogs of double merle breeding also known as lethal white Australian Shepherds and Border Collies. These dogs are born visually and hearing impaired as a result of breeding done to achieve a certain look. A small percentage of the litter is born lethal white so other puppies can have blue eyes and merle coats.


A little bit of Texas in New York
By Jody McIntier, President, Commerce Humane Association
Oct 27, 2009

The Commerce Humane Association took in three emaciated dogs that had to be rehabilitated about six months ago. One of these dogs was a deaf Australian Shepherd named Piper.

  Merle is a term used for the mottled coloring seen in certain breeds. Double merle is when two dogs are bred to get this look but because of genetics, they should not be mated. Most of the lethal white puppies are drowned or shot at birth or left on the side of a road to die. FOSTERS NEEDED White Angels Hope is always in need of caring foster homes. If you are not ready to adopt perhaps you can help save a dog by becoming a foster home. These dogs do not do well in kennel situations. Without enough foster homes we often have to pass on saving dogs in high kill shelters.   We requested that another rescue that handles deaf dogs take this dog once she was stable. Deaf dogs need special handling and a shelter setting is very confusing for a dog that can?t hear. The local groups tried to find a foster home, but none where available. Finally, White Angels Hope Rescue NYC contacted us to see about transferring Piper to their rescue.

Adopting a friend

Because of the special needs of these dogs we take great care in who they are placed with. They have had a difficult enough start in life and we want them in a home where they will be loved and respected. We ask all adopters and fosters to learn about these dogs and to learn sign and touch signals to be able to communicate with them properly. A special type of home is needed for these beautiful dogs. They are not for everyone even though you might be attracted to their beauty. Our application process includes checking your vet and personal references in addition to a home visit. White Angels Hope will only adopt within the NY Tri State area. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are in your own home we require a TOTALLY fenced in back yard. This includes fencing that may go underground for a foot at least.

Come Visit Us!

White Angels Hope does not have our own shelter. Adoptable dogs are in foster homes and can be seen after application process and home visit, and by appointment only. Applications are available below. White Angels Hope does not give permission for any of our pets to be crossposted to other sites

July 10, 2009 - July 8, 2010
Australian Shepherd

In loving Memory, Dear Mickey

Mickey came to White Angels Hope as a puppy, he had been found wondering along the side of a rural road in the state of Mississippi, by a rescuer who just happened to be driving a leg of a volunteer transport for one of White Angels Hopes other dogs. Not only was Mickey smart, well mannered, good natured but he was also one of the cutest and most handsome lethal whites Australian Shepherds I had ever seen. Mickey was a dream dog and when it came time to create our rescues logo Mickey was chosen to be the star


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