We are in a rural area in Washington County and have our own dog shelter. We cover for several towns within the county, as well as one outside the county. In Washington County we are the dog control officer for Argyle, Cambridge, Easton, Fort Ann, Fort Edward, Granville, Greenwich, Hartford, Hebron, Jackson, Salem, Whitehall and White Creek. In Rensselaer County we cover for Hoosick Falls. THE NEW YORK STATE LAW SAYS THAT WE HAVE TO HOLD AN UNIDENTIFIED DOG FOR 5 DAYS AND ONES THAT ARE FOR 10 DAYS. At the end of the time period the dog is supposed to be HUMANELY EUTHANIZED IF NOT ADOPTED. We try very hard to place all dogs. But, there is limited space and funding to always do that. Everything we do is out of pocket. The Towns do not pay for any extra time; just the 5 or 10 days. So time is important to find each and every dog their forever home as soon as possible. When you're looking to adopt a pet please keep in mind that a stray dog may not have much time left. Please keep this in mind if your pet is missing. It is your place as a pet owner to locate your pet; you can call your local dog control officer, town clerk, vets in your area, and most importantly place an ad in the newspaper. The Post Star in our area is very good about it. They place lost and found pets in the paper for 3 days for free. Please place your ad ASAP! Don't wait to place your ad. This could make the difference in your dog being adopted, sent to a rescue group, or even euthanized. All the dogs that are adopted out do get a rabies and distemper shot. We are open for adoption by appointment only, but please do not let that stop you. Depending on the dog the adoption fee ranges from $75.00 to $100.00 and no matter their age all dogs must be licensed, especially dog in the areas we cover per New York State and local laws. At times we do have cats and kittens come into the shelter all cat and kitten will have their distemper and rabies the adoption fee will be $75.00. This is to offset the cost of shots. We hold adoption clinics at Tractor Supply on every other Saturday starting in April and for September and October we hold on every Saturday . The tractor supply is located on state route 29 in Greenwich we are there from 2 to 4 sometime we will stay later . .Click here to see our Happy Tails!

Our Featured Pet... This month featured is Felicia she is a blue healer she is a people friendly dog she came into the shelter very thin and shy. She has come a long way, she is very gentle with small kids, we are not sure about cats. Some dogs she is good with but at time does not get along with some dogs. She would do best as a only dog. .Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there -- please get your pets a rabies shot. Dogs need to be licensed and their tags put on them. Please call your local dog control officer to report your missing pet ASAP. Once a dog is picked up you only have 5 to 10 days to claim your dog. Any dog that comes in without a ID tag or microchip is put on record as "no owner available" and it is the OWNER'S job to check local newspapers for lost and found pets and to keep in touch with your town's dog control officers. If the dog is not claimed in the 5 days it maybe adopted by another family, placed with a rescue group out of the area, or even put down. It is not the town's or dog control officers' place to hold unclaimed dogs for more than the time set up by New York State. . . >
Animal Control

Cossayuna, NY
Phone: 518-692-2840 This number rings into our home. Please call between the hours of 9:00 am and 8:00 pm. You can leave a message, only one is okay -- we will get back to you as soon as we can. .

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