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The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls is in urgent need of foster homes.

If you have a little space and a lot of love to give-We need you!!

Having more foster homes allows us to save more lives.

Since we do not have a central facility of any sort, we can only save as many dogs and puppies as we are able to care for in foster homes.

Foster homes provide our dogs with all the love, socialization, and care they need while they wait for forever homes. You provide the love and we provide everything else.

We need foster homes for all breeds, ages and sizes, we have a most urgent need for people who can foster a pit bull,
however, if you can foster any type of dog, please contact us at - together we can save another life!

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Who We Are

The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls is a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for American Staffordshire Terriers ("AmStaffs") and American Pit Bull Terriers ("Pit Bulls"). We deal with shelters around the country who need our help. We do deal with all breeds but our main focus is on helping to rescue, rehabilitate (when needed) and find good, loving homes for Pit Bulls.

We do not have a shelter or kennel facility. We are scattered across the US and Canada. Our dogs live in foster homes with foster families while waiting for a family to call their own. We welcome visits between adopters and dogs but do be aware that they may be located in any number of states. We do receive numerous e-mails everyday while working full-time jobs, so please be patient.

There are many expenses incurred in caring for these dogs (pull fees, vaccinations, spay/neuter, vetting, dog food, crates, collars, leashes, toys). Any donations received are used to cover expenses incurred while caring for and rehoming the dogs. We have no paid staff. As a small private rescue we do not receive any government funding. We rely on adoption fees, fundraisers, and donations to cover our expenses. It is not uncommon for a dog's adoption fee to be less than the expenses incurred while caring for the dog.

We are always gratefully accepting any dog related items you may have but no longer need, including collars, leashes, bowls, crates, etc. We also return bottles and cans, as well as empty toner and inkjet cartridges to raise money to help care for the dogs in our rescue, please contact us at if you have any items to donate to us and we can arrange to have them picked up, or find a good time for you to drop them off.

As mentioned we do work with all breeds, and would be glad to help you find your new family member, even if you are not looking for a Pit Bull or bully type breed. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you find your new family member.

If you are interested in learning more about fostering or adopting, please e-mail us -

Rescued pets know they are rescued. They are grateful everyday and they will not let you forget that. They teach us some of the most valuable lessons in life. They never give up, they always give second chances and they will always make you feel loved. Pit Bulls typically have a hearty spirit and a love for all people which never ceases to amaze me especially considering some of the sad situations these dogs have come from. I think we can all learn from them... I know I have and continue to.

Because of the overwhelming number of sweet, loving, (in many cases even fully trained) pit bulls and dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes facing death in shelters, we do not take in any dogs from the public. We deal solely with shelters and other rescues. Do not contact us asking if we can take your dog, we CANNOT.

We are always happy to accept any donation you would like to give, we are a 501(c)3 not for profit, all donations are tax deductible

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Adopting a friend

Adding a dog to your household is a big commitment. Once you are ready to make that commitment please e-mail for an adoption application. We will ask you to provide vet references and personal references. We also require a home visit. We are looking for stable, loving homes where our dogs can receive the love, affection, training that each dog needs. Because most of our adoptable dogs have already gotten off to a rough start we are committed to ensuring that their next home will be for life.

The shelters that we rescue from have purebreds and mixes, from pups to seniors, of all sizes and colors, many that are in grave danger of being euthanized. If our Petfinder site does not currently have the dog you’re looking for, please e-mail us and specify the type of dog you would like to adopt. We will be glad to search our network of shelters and other rescues to find the right match for you.

If you would like to learn more about adopting a Pit Bull The Pit Bull Rescue Central is a great resource.

The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls
Kenmore, NY 14217
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