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"No Cat Left Behind" is our motto! We do not euthanize animals unless its medically necessary. All of them are adopted out to their perfect homes. We specialize in 'turning around' feral cats- your donation will help take feral cats off the city streets." We also do TNR when needed, especially in the case of managed feral colonies.

"No Cat Left Behind" Animal Rescue, Inc. is a 501c non-profit organization. We do not run a shelter, but house cats in the homes of individual foster-parents. (Please contact us if interested in becoming a foster- parent!) We focus on trapping and rescuing feral and/or stray, sometimes injured, homeless animals in urban areas. We then rehabilitate them, treat any injuries or illnesses, spay or neuter, and offer the cats for adoption as indoor pets only. Occasionally, we also rescue cats surrendered by breeders, if they would otherwise be euthanized. Many of our volunteers also help members of the community by helping trap or transport cats to veterinary appointments, and facilitate adoptions by providing 'courtesy' listings on and other websites. We are happy to serve the community with support and advice, however, we do not as a rule take cats 'surrendered' by individuals. (Instead, we can advise you on how to get your household pet adopted out to another safe, permanent home. Please do NOT put the animal out on the street.) (If you feel your cat is having behavior problems, and would like the help of a Cat Behaviorist, please e-mail us and you will be set up with a consultation. There may be a cost involved.) The following are some answers to frequently asked questions.


"I am pregnant, and have heard that I should not be around cats. Should I get rid of my pet?"
Pregnant women should avoid cleaning the litter box, because bacteria in the feces of some cats can cause harm to the fetus. If you are pregnant, ask someone else to clean your pet's litter box, or wear gloves while you do so, and wash your hands after. There is no need to get rid of your pet!

"We now have a baby, and are afraid the cat will hurt it".
Cats do not harm infants, nor do they lay down on their faces to suffocate them! That is an urban legend. Introduce your baby and cat slowly- put the baby carrier on the ground, and let the cat take a look and smell the baby while you supervise. Do this several times. You may also take some baby clothes the baby wore, and put them on your kitty's bed. That will accustom him to the scent of the baby. Your child and pet should soon be the best of friends!

"My son developed allergies, and I now need to get rid of my cat. The shelters are full, will you take him?"
No. First, try purchasing an air filter; and giving your cat bi-weekly baths with anti-allergen shampoo. This will help alleviate allergies. If you still wish to adopt out your cat, please be a responsible pet owner: separate the child and pet in separate rooms, and put an ad in the paper about a cat for adoption. The Pennysaver newspaper will run free ads in the Syracuse area. Put out the word out among your co-workers, church members, neighbors and put ads in pet stores. You may also e-mail us with your info and a picture of the pet, and we will assist you by putting an ad online free of charge. You can also list your pet on Remember, getting your pet spayed or neutered will increase his chances of a quick adoption!!!

"I have been feeding a stray cat in my area, but now winter is coming. I don't know what to do."
Offer your friend temporary shelter in your home or basement. You can get him vaccinated, and then offer him up for adoption, if you cannot keep him. If you want to do this, but your furry friend does not let you approach him, call us to borrow a live animal trap. (A deposit is required, but refunded when you return the trap.) You can also build your friend a small shelter out of wood, or put out an 'igloo'- a plastic animal shelter you can buy at pet stores. Be sure to provide a blanket. You can contact us on ways to get help paying for the spay/neuter vaccinations.

"There is a feral cat colony in my area, or a stray animal overpopulation problem. I called Animal Control, but they won't do anything."

In central NY, you can contact the CNY Cat Coalition at tel. (315) 289-2287. Keep in mind that these are volunteers, and are operating on a limited budget as well as working normal jobs. Be patient! They want to help you, however, it is not their responsibility to do so. Keep in mind that your local town or village may have a policy of euthanizing (killing) stray animals with little attempt made to find their owners. Remember, animal cruelty is against the law! If you would like to help these animals yourself, contact us for info on how to build a cat shelter, get free spay/neuter for feral animals, etc.

"I want to adopt another cat, but I already have a cat and a dog. I'm afraid they won't get along".
The vast majority of animals will learn to get along, however, it takes time!!! Sometimes, up to a year. Do not get frustrated, when your new pets don't get along in the first two weeks!!! Cats in particular are territorial, and in nature, their territory can be several square miles. Your house cat is confined to the small territory of a house, and now you're asking him to share with another animal. Of course he is not pleased. Keep your animals in separate rooms for a while. Let each one sleep on a towel, and then switch the towels around before washing them. That way they get used to each others smell. Gradually, allow them supervised visits. Let them interact- hissing is normal, do not scold the hissing animal. Just do not let them bite each other. After a while, only confine the animals to separate rooms when you leave the house. Eventually, they should get along just fine!

"I want to get my pet spayed/neutered, but I can't afford it. Also, I think it's cruel."
Getting an animal spayed/neutered is not cruel- male cats heal in a week, female cats in two. You are helping to cut down on animal overpopulation, and preventing problems in your own home. Female cats go into heat, and then they meow loudly and may try to escape outside. There, they can get hit by a car, bitten by another animal, or come home with kittens you will have to take care of!! Kittens may sound adorable, but they can be quite destructive in the house, and are awake all night long! Male cats who are not neutered may mark their territory by peeing special 'marking urine' around your house, which is especially smelly. Yelling at them will not help- it's not a behavior problem, it's instinct! Get your cat neutered at the age of 5-6 months of age, to prevent these problems from ever occurring. Also keep in mind that your un-altered animal can be the parent of baby kittens born outside in your neighborhood- these kittens will often die from starvation, predators, or killed by cars. You prevent their deaths by spaying/neutering your indoor/outdoor cat.
In the Syracuse area, call SANS (Spay and Neuter Syracuse) for a low-cost spay or neuter. Tel. 422-7970. Do not wait, as appointments fill up quickly and need to be made 1-2 weeks in advance. You can also contact us for information on how to receive a free spay/neuter for your household pet, (if you're eligible), or the feral/stray cats you are feeding outside.

"Help! I lost my cat or it got out! Have you seen it??"
Although putting up fliers and notifying animal-rescue organizations may be helpful, it is among the less effective ways of finding your cat. Most cats that are lost are actually hiding within a 5 block radius of the house. Conduct a thorough (every nook and cranny of your neighbor's yards) search, at twilight or at dawn. Work from the house outwards, with a flashlight. The cat may not come when called, even if it sees you. You must spot her, instead of vice-versa. Work with family members, because if you do the search over a period of days, the cat may move to the area where you searched yesterday. Look in spots that are very small and may seem unlikely. Have someone ready with a cat carrier, if your cat is found- a scared cat will not want to be picked up and carried home in your arms. It may act like it is not recognizing its owner. For more information, please review this website, in particular the Tips at the bottom: With persistence, by widening your search, and by putting out cat food in Have-a-Heart traps, most lost cats are eventually returned home!!! If you want to put up fliers, start by giving some to your closest neighbors, and asking them to keep an eye out for your cat. Good luck!!!

Adopting a friend

To adopt a cat, please e-mail us at You will be invited to visit the cat you are interested in, and will need to fill out a short adoption application at that time. You will need to provide 3 references on the application. Upon adoption, a donation to help with the costs of spaying/neutering, vet visits and caring for this animal will be REQUIRED, however it will not exceed $200. The specific donation varies according to the age and type of the animal, and your financial ability. The sliding-scale range is generally from $35-100. (Only cash is accepted, as we've had some problems with checks.) You will be given the cat's vet and spay/neuter records, as well as other helpful information and a cat food sample. All our cats are litter-trained and socialized with people, although some may be initially afraid of small children and dogs. When you are ready to take your cat home, please bring a cat carrier, as we do not provide them.

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