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Adopt a Cat or Kitten

How to Adopt a Cat or Kitten from the NYC Feral Cat Initiative

During TNR, tame (friendly) cats, and kittens young enough to be socialized, are removed from colonies for adoption placement in permanent indoor homes. Click here to see a list of cats and kittens available for adoption from the NYC Feral Cat Initiative. An adoption application and fee are required for all adoptions. For more information, contact (212) 330-0033 x5 or adoption@NYCFeralCat.org. Note: We do NOT take in cats or kittens from third parties. If you have a cat or kitten who needs a home, learn what no-kill options are available for homeless animals in New York City.

How to Promote a Cat or Kitten for Adoption

If you are fostering a cat or kitten found during a NYC Feral Cat Initiative-sponsored TNR project who you would like to post for adoption on our Petfinder page, please send an e-mail to adoption@NYCFeralCat.org with a description of the cat, the cat's spay/neuter status, any available vaccination history or disease testing results, a good photo, and your name and contact information.

Cats & Kittens for Adoption

The cats and kittens shown below are available for adoption from the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and other affiliated TNR organizations in the New York City area. Click on the name or photo of each cat to learn more about him/her and how you can adopt.



Petfinder.com: Adopt a Homeless Pet

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