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Staten Island Hope Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue group founded by Andrew Leach and Michelle Christofilakes.It began in 2010 when a large feral cat colony was discovered by fellow animal lovers in Staten Island and brought to the attention of Leach and Christofilakes. The two quickly put Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) into place and, with the help of other local rescuers, Leach and Christofilakes reduced the overpopulation issue. To date, the colony of almost 50 cats is now 99% spay/neutered with a dramatically lowered birth rate.Our goal remains to help lower the number of feral animals entering the city shelter system and to assist local city animal control place adoptable animals. We believe with the continued support from other rescue groups working toward this same goal, we can create a no-kill shelter environment where healthy adoptable animals or feral animals will remain sheltered until they find homes rather than being euthanized for space.We continue to grow as local pet stores provide sites for adoption. We welcome those who would like to be involved in helping promote the welfare of animals.


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