Friendly Ferals and Our Precious Pups!

Friendly Ferals with our Precious Pups

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our Featured Pet... Lucy is our rescue cat from the shleter. We took her and her babies that came from the street. All her kittens are going home but poor Lucy has not gotten a home since everyone wants a kitty! She sits in her pen watching all the love go to her kittens and the others while she is ignored! No one wants cats but this beauty is only two years old. She was a indoor cat but must have been left out at times and got pregnant. So for this, she got dumped with her kittens and left homeless. Take a look at Lucy! She is such a good cat and beautiful besides!


We have established a network of feral cat trappers for all areas within NYC. If you are concerned and have taken a class for TNR or would like to, please contact us for guidence. This communtiy service we provide is for the animals and the communtiy you reside in. Please devote some time and we will put you on our contact sheet for colonies in your area. Remember, trapper are volunteers, not hired employees. The cats are always returned after recovery! As for ferals feeders, help the trapper defray their expenses with a donation! Trapping involves their time trapping, transport, recovery and supplies! For winter shelter for your outside cats, please contact us!

Who We Are

We are a TRAP-NEUTER-RELEASE-(TNR) organization. We do NOT take in cats or kittens for adoption! We are not a shelter or rescue organization! Our function is to TNR to reduce the over population of feral street cats. Through our network of trappers, we service mainly the Queens area with many of our trappers joining our network and expanding into the five boro's and Long Island. We are to be contacted for TNR only! We DO NOT TAKE IN CATS OR KITTENS FROM THE PUBLIC-EVER! TNR reduces many issues that involve the community. Kittens born to the streets have many issues to deal with, such as eye infections, colds, injuries, etc. It should be understood however, that these cats serve a purpose in the communities they reside in. They are the best controlling rodents! They are your community service workers that provide you with a healthy environment! They just work for food, shelter and a afternnon nap in the sun on your deck or yard!. We can put you in touch with a person to provide you with cat shelters at cost. Please make sure they have food, water and shelter for the winter. Be humaine and respect your community service workers! Feeding is breeding and that is our goal, to end the breeding! Please contact us for a trapper in your area! They are all certified and professionals to help you! Please be advised that these people provide you with a free service, but we ask you to donate a small fee to cover their expenses. All cats are trapped, spayed-neutered, given their rabie shots and booster when asked. Males are kept for recovery 1-2 days and females are mostly kept 2-4 days depending on their recovery and weather permitting release! They are all ear tipped since that is the only way anyone can verify that the cat was spayed or neutered from a distance at a later time and for you to observe if a new cat wonders into your colony. Also, should that cat ever go to the Animal Care and Control center, a memo will be sent to the trapper in the area for pick-up and return. You will get contacted. Please register your colony also for that reason. Email or call Neighborhood Cats or the NYC Feral Alliance for more information! All new cats that appear in your colony of ferals, we ask that you contact your trapper as soon as possible. WE DO NOT REMOVE CATS OR RELOCATE THEM!!!! These cats mostly appear on the streets mostly because of a unresponsible pet owner . SPAY and NEUTER all your house pets. During mating season, we have found most pets escape to seek a mate ! Make sure your pet has a collar and /or is mirco chipped to ensure a safe return in case of a accident! Pets can escape through an open door or window. We advise you open your windows from the top rather bottom. Have all your gates locked when your pet is outside and NEVER-EVER let your cats outside!

Adopting a friend

Give us a call FOR CATS ONLY: 917-579-5718 -Mary or email us at Friendly for TNR or adoptions. We are not a shelter! FOR DOGS ONLY: 516-322-5865 or email us at Friendly

Friendly Ferals
P.O. Box 754033/ Parkside Station
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Phone: 917-579-5718-Cats & TNR 516-322-5865-DOG-LI Location

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