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New Yorkers for Companion Animals (NYCA) is a small, nonprofit, volunteer run organization based in New York City's upper east side. The cats and dogs we have up for adoption are all rescued animals. Many are former pets abandoned at city pounds, found on the streets or given up by their owners. Regardless of how an animal comes to us, we provide food, shelter, and medical care.

Because we do not have a formal shelter, we are entirely dependent upon the empathy and caring of others to foster animals. Without a place to put rescued dogs and cats, we are severely limited in the numbers we can save. Everday we get desperate calls for help in placing homeless cats and dogs. But, due to our limited resources, we are often forced to say "no." If you have any room in your heart and home, please consider fostering a loving cat or dog. Call us for more information (212) 427-8273. Fostering saves lives!

Since its incorporation, NYCA has rescued & happily placed thousands of homeless pets, including over 1000 from the Center for Animal Care and Control (CACC-the city shelter for New York City). We are a "no-kill" organization which receives no funding from the city. We are entirely dependent on the generosity of people like you.

Adopting a Friend

Please call for additional information and details. Due to space constraints, we cannot show every animal we have for adoption in the store. Some are adopted from foster homes. For further information or if interested in a specific pet, call, (212) 427-8273. . Please understand that we are just a few people who volunteer our time, energy, and personal income to help the animals. All cats are tested negative for FeLV (feline leukemia virus). Most dogs are vaccinated against distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and rabies. Cats are vaccinated for FVRCP. Some are also vaccinated against rabies (if they have come from a shelter).

All animals over six months of age are neutered or spayed. Adopters of animals younger than six months will receive information about low cost spay/neuter programs.

The dogs and cats are not for sale, but we do request a contribution of $100.00 for cats and kittens, $125.00 for dogs. The fee includes vet exam, testing, shots, microchipping and neutering. (Note: Some kittens under 4 months old are not neutered.) Please note these changes in March 2003 due to increased expenses for veterinary, food and supplies). This amount is far less than what you would have spent if you took the animal to the veterinarian yourself.

If you decide, for any reason, to return the animal to NYCA within 30 days of adoption, we will refund one half of the adoption fee. After thirty days, the fee is non-refundable.

Volunteering and Donations

We are a non-profit group and can always use reliable volunteers to help with adoptions or with one of our current issues that we are working on. Please contact Patty Adjamine at (212) 427-8273, or by email to or by snail mail at:

PO Box 286124
New York, NY 10128-0002

or you can now donate to NYCA through PayPal.

Come Visit Us!

All animals advertised must be seen and adopted from their foster homes, as we do not have a formal "shelter." If seeking a shelter with many animals and regular hours, please visit the AC&C. If you are interested in one of our pets, please call us at (212) 427-8273. We will be happy to answer any questions you have and set up an appointment to see the animal at your convenience. The advantage of adopting through rescue/foster home, is that we can tell you more about how that animal is in a home. The advantage of adopting through shelters is that you can see many animals at one place and one time. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.
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