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Who We Are

SusieQ Dog ResQ has a mission to rescue needy and unwanted dogs and keep them in our home until a home of their own can be found. I started my non profit venture after volunteering to rescue animals in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. It was then that I knew I wanted to focus on this full time. I do know that one person doing their part, no matter how large or small, can make a difference.I have met so many wonderful, deserving pets over the years and try to give back the love and trust they put in me by giving them a better life and another chance to find a forever home. I have also met many dedicated people from all over the U.S. doing what they can to improve the lives of many formerly unwanted pets. I have fallen in love with my FOSTER FURRIES over the years and although it is always hard to let them go, just thinking of the next one needing to be saved helps me continue. I do this in my own home where I get to know each and every one of them as members of my family and can make the best matches into new homes. I do this with the help of my husband, Ray, who is a retired Firefighter. We recieved our 501c3 non-profit status in 2007 so donations are tax deductible. Donations are needed to help with the vet bills and to keep my rescue going. We are volunteers so every dollar goes into caring for the animals.

Adopting a friend


THANK YOU for considering adoption of one of our rescued animals. We have an adoption procedure. Making our adopters aware of the steps initially makes the process proceed easier. The steps are:

1. Go to our website to submit an application.

Email us with any interest you may have in any of our adoptable dogs and let us know who you are interested in adopting and a little about yourself.

2. Contact your vets office and give them permission to speak to us.

3. We review your application, contact your references and contact your vets office with questions about your previous pets health care. Please be patient as it may take awhile to get back to you.

4. We will choose the applicants that would possibly be the best match up with the personality and needs of the perspective pet. When reviewing applications it is not on a "first come first served basis". We then invite those applicants to schedule an interview with the pet in our home, and we ask that all family members be present. Our main goal is the right pet for the family and even if we feel the particular pet you are interested in isn't a right fit we may make suggestions as to a better match.

5. You get to meet the pet and any questions or concerns are addressed at this time.

6. Once you have met the animals we will get back to you to schedule a home visit. This is to see where the living area will be, how the toileting needs will be met, and make sure the adopting family is ready to make the commitment to bring this new member into their family and give it the love and care it will need for the rest of it's life.

7. The last step is to either take the pet into your home at that time or schedule a future date to pickup the pet at our home, sign a contract with us concerning the pets future needs and continual well being and pay the adoption fee.

We cannot stress enough that our goal is to find the best possible home for the animals we rescue. We never know the whole story of what these poor animals have been through when we receive them and start providing love and care for them. BUT, we can do everything in our power to make sure that they have the best possible future. And that means a loving, caring, forever home.

Adoption fees range from $150.00-$300.00 and we have a senior to senior 50% discount (this applies to pets over 6 and adopters 60 and over). A spay/neuter deposit is required for all puppies and kittens. Older cats and dogs are spayed and neutered before adoption. PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

SusieQ Dog ResQ
P.O. Box 236
Conesus, NY 14435


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