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Join us for our annual Yard Sale to be held July 28, 29, and 30th at 6001 Big Tree Rd in Lakeville, NY... donations are welcome and Tax deductible!!

Adopting A Friend

Please read all info below before proceeding. Please make sure you are ready to adopt before filling out an application. While we don't charge a fee to submit an application we can understand why some rescues do. A lot of time is spent reviewing applications  that can be better spent taking care of the dogs .and to do all that only to be told that you now aren't ready or have changed your mind is exhausting. Please read all info posted about the dogs and if we say the dogs needs a fenced yard and you don't have one please don't proceed. We also don't adopt out to home with SHOCK FENCING and can provide you some info if you would like to understand why we feel this way. Because these are rescued dogs we don't usually know who the parents are so brred listings are usually an educated guess. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WILLING TO MAKE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT TO THIS PET. Research the breed to see if it's a good family fit. If you are interested in this dog please go to our website to fill out an application www.susieqdogresq.com. A vet reference and home visit are required. All animals are vet checked and up to date on all vaccines. Adoption fees range from $150.00 -$300.00 and spay/neuter deposits are required for all puppies and kittens. Older cats and dogs are spayed and neutered before adoption. Please check out pet list to see more animals up for adoption.

Who We Are

SusieQ Dog ResQ rescues needy and unwanted dogs and keeps them safe ntil their forever home can be found. I started my rescue after volunteering  in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina. It was then that I knew I wanted to focus on rescue full time. I do know that one person doing their part, no matter how large or small, can make a difference.I have met so many wonderful, deserving pets over the years and try to give back the love and trust they put in me by giving them a better life and another chance to find a forever home. I have also met many dedicated people from all over the U.S. doing what they can to improve the lives of many formerly unwanted pets. people always ask me how I can give them up after spending so much time and love on them and I know that without giving them up I am unable to help the next one in need. I have fallen in love with my FOSTER FURRIES over the years and although it is always hard to let them go, just thinking of the next one to be saved helps me continue. I do this in my home and foster homes where we get to know each and every one of them as members of our families and can make the best matches into new homes. I do this with the help of my husband, Ray, who is a retired Firefighter and a few dedicated volunteers who have been with us thru happy and sad times. We recieved our 501c3 non-profit status in 2007 so donations are tax deductible. Donations are needed to help with the vet bills and to keep my rescue going. We are volunteers so every dollar goes into caring for the animal

Come Visit Us

We are not a facility but a series of foster homes caring for dogs till they are adopted. You can meet dogs at an adoption event or by appointment only at our meet and greet center in Conesus. No appointments are made without an application on file. Applications can be found on our website www.susieqdogresq.com

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