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National Great Pyrenees Rescue ( is a rescue organization established in 2006 to facilitate the placement of Great Pyrenees dogs across the country. NGPR’s organizers are experienced rescuers and breed advocates who are dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced and abandoned Great Pyrenees into safe, caring companion or working homes. We believe that effective Great Pyrenees rescue requires the establishment of an independent, national rescue network to support local rescue efforts. We are an all-volunteer organization that works with, encourages and supports local Great Pyrenees rescue groups who sponsor legitimate, active rescue programs. NGPR has been formed for charitable purposes and is certified as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York.


Our mission is to help all deserving dogs of Great Pyrenees origin find good homes—wherever they are. Our vision for rescue transcends state and regional designations. We believe in rescue without borders that assists all dogs that need homes. We do not distinguish between dogs that come from pet stores, puppy mills or breeders and we do not discriminate against Pyr mixes. Our organization is all about coordinating the national rescue effort for this giant, loveable breed—and lets nothing stand in the way of that.


NGPR brings together Pyr rescue organizations and potential adopters across the country to find homes for deserving animals. Over the past few years, NGPR's rescuers can be credited with placing over a thousand Pyrs and Pyr mixes in new homes. If you are looking for a Great Pyrenees dog and cannot find one through a shelter or local rescue group, NGPR can help you find a suitable pet by contacting rescue groups to locate a dog appropriate to your situation. Working through NGPR opens up many new opportunities to meet and find the right dog for your family.

NGPR only lists dogs from rescue groups who temperament test, spay or neuter and fully vet their animals before placement. These rescue groups arrange transport for dogs out of areas where there are many more dogs than can be placed locally. Unfortunately, there are many dogs who come from places where animals are euthanized after a week or less in a shelter. This makes an organized, national rescue effort necessary to save as many lives as possible. NGPR only works with rescue groups whose contracts state specifically that they will take their dogs back in the event an adoption does not succeed.


Adopters must fill out our adoption form and home checks are part of the adoption procedure. Whenever possible, a rescue volunteer will come to the home to meet the prospective owners and make suggestions appropriate to the dog's care. Our experienced rescuers specialize in working with Pyrs and can help determine if this is the right breed for you. NGPR urges that anyone interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees dog, learn as much as they can about the breed. We are always available for questions or support.


NGPR serves as the initial point of contact for dogs featured for adoption on the website. We help facilitate placement of the animals in permanent or foster homes. If you see a dog featured through National Great Pyrenees Rescue or would like to tell us about the kind of dog you are looking for so we can help locate your next pet, please contact National Great Pyrenees Rescue, at


NGPR does not operate as a shelter or traditional rescue group. Its sole purpose is to promote dogs in need and to facilitate rescue through its network of affiliated rescue groups. Those who have found a lost dog or are surrendering one are advised to please contact their local rescue group or NGPR at, for assistance.


A national rescue network opens up many new possibilities for adopters and rescuers. If everyone who wants a Pyr or Pyr puppy takes a rescue dog, regardless of geographic location, we could seriously reduce the number of dogs that are abandoned and destroyed. Sadly, we have watched the number of Great Pyrenees dogs listed for adoption on Petfinder climb to an all-time high. If you are looking for a Great Pyrenees dog, please consider a rescue alternative. Support NGPR and all Great Pyrenees rescue groups in our effort to reduce the number of rescued dogs that need homes across the country. Working together, we can change this situation and "Save More Pyrs".

National Great Pyrenees Rescue
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