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~ Foot Note ~

I want all of you to know that I am retiring from the rescue business. Unfortunately my back has gotten really bad and I just can't do it anymore. I will however help you find a home for your bird. I just can not take them in anylonger. Just give me a call and send me a picture of your bird and I will try and help you find a home for your bird. If you are interested in adopting a bird, just give me a call and I will take down your information and try and find a bird to fit your needs. There is however a 10% finder's fee for finding a bird a home which is paid by the person getting rid of the bird. Thank you to all of you that have supported Bird At Heart and those that have adopted from here. You are all wonderful. I can be contacted by e-mail at or call me at 585-245-2595. Thank you....

~ Our Featured Pet ~

~ Foster Homes ~

~ I want to thank all my foster homes for being there when I really needed them. You are very special people.



It may not look or feel like it now, but as far as the birds are concerned, IT'S SPRING. This also means breeding and babies. If you find yourself in the situation of a female laying eggs with or without a mate, it's normal. Even if the eggs are not fertile, leave them alone for the full period of time it would take for them to hatch. Otherwise if you throw them out, your bird will lay more to replace them and loose too much calcium. This could be deadly. If they are fertile and you wind up with babies you don't want, we well be more than happy to take them and find them really good homes. For more information you can reach us at or call 585~245~2595. THANK YOU ~~~~

~ Inventions ~

Through the years of working with birds, I have learned a thing or two. For example ~ Certain traits of each species of bird. Habits, food, who's a screamer and who's not. Things like that. I also am the inventive type. Kind of a jack of all trades and a master of none so to speak. Since the rescue is all out of pocket, I try all kinds of new things that are cheap to keep the birds happy. One of my newest inventions I named, a "Snuggle Bums". Conure's and the smaller birds are known to like tents to sleep in. The bigger birds are not so keen on them, but do like to snuggle up to something at night. I had a very bad thing happen one day with a Conure I had and her tent. All birds are chewers and she had chewed the inside of her tent which caused many strings. I kept clipping them. She must have gotten very busy one day and pulled on a string, making it really long and got it wrapped around her leg. She pulled on it and made it so tight that I couldn't get it off. So off to the Vet we went. They had to make her sleepy to calm her, so they could cut it off. All was fine, but it got me thinking. Hence, the "Snuggle Bums" were born. They are made with strips of fleece. It is hung from the top of the cage, against the wall of the perch that they sleep on. They snuggle right into the "Snuggle Bums". I have found that they do not chew on them. Even if they do, fleece does not fray so there is no chance of strings. I have made one for all of my birds. Even the big ones love them. I use bright color's & print mixed with plain. The birds just love them. They are so safe that I will never use a tent again. Sometimes if I can't find one of my birds, I know right where they are. They are snuggled right in the middle of their "Snuggle Bums". I have also found that they keep them warmer in the winter. In the summer, they tend to stay more to the outside of them. I offer them when I adopt out a bird. I don't charge alot and the prices depends on the size. I also take orders for them. You can order them by e-mailing us at or call 585-245-2595.. They are washable and can come in lots of colors & print ~~~~

~ Parrot Proof Bird Carriers ~

Is a new type of bird carrier. I always had trouble with the cat carriers when I took a bird to the Vet, etc.. Since they are cardboard, the birds would eat them. So I came up with something that the birds can feel safe in. They are hand made, therefore they will last a life time. I make them to fit birds from Parrolelts up to a large Macaw. I also make them for the larger birds. You can also order these by e-mailing us at or call us at 585-245-2595 ~~~~

~ Toys ~

We have hanging and foot toys for what ever size bird you have. The colors are so bright that it looks as good as the ones in the pet stores. These are also handmade and birds love 'em!! You can order these the same as the "Snuggle Bums" and the "Parrot Proof Carriers"~~~~

~ Grooming ~

The great thing about this is, we have found that other than the Rochester area, there are no bird groomers south, east, or west of Rochester. WELL, THERE IS NOW ! ! ! ! We are it ! You have the choice of bringing your bird to the rescue in Nunda or, we will come to you. We are trying to set up with a couple of pet shops for us to come in every other Saturday from 12noon ~ 4pm to groom birds. If you are one of the people that needs a bird groomer in your area, please mention to your pet shop that we offer this service & that you know of a rescue that does this. Also, please feel free to give them our phone number ~ 585-245-2595. This is a real needed service. The more clients that mention that they need this service in their area, the sooner we can do this. It will make it easier on gas for both our clients and the rescue. For an appointment e-mail us at or call 585-245-2595 ~~~~

~ Boarding ~

You can now go on vacation knowing that your bird is being well cared for. You can choose to have your bird(s) boarded at the rescue in Nunda or at one of our foster homes that is close to you. That way it is easier for you to drop off and pick up your bird(s), so you have a fun vacation with no worries. You can even call to see how your kids are doing. Should you have special food for them, feel free to bring it along!! There is also a form you will need to complete so we know your bird and have your permission to care for it. For more information e-mail us at or call 585-245-2595. ~~~~

~ Avian Behaviorist Counseling ~

Yes, there is such a thing as an Avian Specialist besides a Vet. Just read all about it in Bird Talk. All this means is we will help you out with issues your bird may be having and what you can do to work through them. This service is basically free, but we do accept donations. Sometimes the solution is a quick fix. However, sometimes it may take longer. We do this hands on or via e-mail or by phone. We feel that surrender is the last step. For more information or an appointment e-mail us at or call 585-245-2595. ~~~~

~ Educational Programs ~

We educate kids at school and adults at luncheons, meetings, where ever you are gathering. We feel that education is the best tool at making any decision about buying or adopting a bird. We do don't charge for this, however we DO accept donations. Cash, toys, food, whatever your group can do for the rescue. For an appointment please call us at 585-245-2595. ~~~~

~ Special Request ~

I have just one "Special Request". Sometimes I received e-mails that are very short & say things like "Do you have any birds that talk", or "How much is that Birdie in the window?", kind of thing. This tells me that this person has not had the proper education about birds. That's ok, alot of people don't. So now if someone e-mails me to adopt a bird, I would like them to do some research on the species of bird they are interested in. There is all kinds of information on the internet. I just typed in "parrot" and 6 pages of parrot sites came up to research. For example: I went to page 2 and clicked on Parrot Training Tips To Fix Your Pet Parrots Problems. A list of species of parrots came up to click on and an entire profile came up on that species and, that's just one site I looked at. Also, there are 2 books that I call my "Birdie Bible's", They are "Parrots For Dummies" & "Birds For Dummies". I'm not trying to be a smarty pants, but they both cover everything you can think of. From bringing your new bird home to, the difference between natural bird behavior & naughty bird behavior, which is also considered "learned behavior", first aid, toxic foods, sickness, buying or adopting a "second hand bird", life spands, etc. These books were suggested to me by a fellow behaviorist. You can find them at any book store or pet store & they are worth every penny. There is also an Avian Magazine that I have subscribed to for years and is #1 in the US. "Bird Talk" and this months issue just so happens to focus on "Avian Behavior". 5 Avian Experts were interviewed on their philosophies on several different subjects. One subject I really enjoyed is the difference between natural bird behavior and learned bird behavior. Every issue of Bird Talk has a column called Parrot Psychology. People write in about different parrot issues they are having with their bird. It is written by Liz Wilson who is a IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant. Over the years, I have found that Avian Behaviorist come from all walks of life. They can be long time breeders, Psychology Professor's, Animal Trainers, Child Psychologist, and even privately owned and operated Bird Rescue's & Pet Shops Some Consultant's charge for their services and some don't. I don't because, like they say... "Knowledge Is Power". For more info or an appointment e-mail us at or call us at 585-245-2595 ~~~~

~ Stop Puppy Mills ~

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~ Who We Are ~

Our final and most important service. Bird At Heart takes in unwanted birds and finds them new and loving homes. We have been doing this a number of years and have had everything from the smallest finch to the large Macaws and everything in between. Any and all birds are welcome here. Regardless of their temperament, we love them no matter what. Birds are surrendered to us for many reasons and behavior issues is one of the main ones. I am an Avian Behaviorist (A Birdie Psychologist), so I work with these birds to try and resolve these issues. Sometimes it takes time to get to the root of the problem, but I never give up. Birds are like kids with feathers and just need love, understanding, boundaries, behavior modification, rewards. etc.. We love what we do and have had a pretty good success rate. Remember, a rescue bird may always have issues, but there are things people can do to work around them. We believe every bird deserves the chance at a better life. Rather it be in a new loving home, or if a bird is deemed un-adoptable, they remain here with us as a permanent resident. I also work with bird owners that are having problems with their bird. They want to keep them and try and resolve the problem, rather than give them up. Some cases have been pretty easy and others have taken up to 6 months to achieve their goal. So if you are having issues with your bird and would like to try and work through it, please e-mail me and together, we may be able to figure out what is going on and what the best course of action would be. <3h> ~ We are a non profit rescue. We do not receive grants or funding, so all expenses are all out of pocket. We do however except any and all types of donations. For more information you can e-mail us at or call 585-245-2595. ~~~~

~ Adopting a friend ~

Adopting a feathered friend is one of the most loving things a person can do for these birds. When a bird is surrendered, it goes into quarantine for a period of 14 days. During this time, they go to the Vet to be checked out, beaks and nails trimmed, and wings clipped. If the Vet feels that testing should be done to determine any illness they may suspect, that is done also. During this time, they are watched and evaluated for behavior problems. Then by the time the 14 days are up, we know what we are dealing with and can start working with them. Also, they are introduced to the rest of the flock. The bird is then posted on the site for adoption and a profile is written. When a bird is surrendered, the owner fills out a surrender form which includes the birds history. We use that information plus what we learn while the bird is here to make up this profile. If we learn anything new about the bird, the profile is updated. If you are interested in one of our birds or have questions, please feel free to e-mail us at You will need to set up an appointment to come and see and interact with the bird. You never know, you may even decide on a different bird all together, it happens. We tell people, "alot of times the bird picks you". There is an adoption form that needs to be filled out and we include all the birds information. There is an adoption fee which is considered a donation and is non refundable. The adoption fees go back into caring for the other birds still here at the rescue. Also, the fee varies from bird to bird. It is determined on the species, age, feather, temperament, etc.. Not all birds come with a cage. I will promise that our adoption fee's are not as high as some other places. If you really think about how much some places charge for a rescue bird, just add between $200 - $400 & you have yourself a baby bird that you can raise yourself. This is wrong. The adoption fee's should be much cheaper. Rescue Birds almost always come with issues, so therefore the adoption fee should be alot cheaper than what some private owners and other rescues charge.. If a bird is surrendered with a cage, it goes with it's cage. It is "their home" This fact should not even be considered when deciding the adoption fee. However. we do get alot of birds without cages, but we will note that in the birds profile. If you need a cage for the bird you are adopting, we do have some extra cages that we sell for a small donation. If an adoption does not work out, it is required that the bird comes back to the rescue. We try and find a bird that is better suited for you and your family. So please remember, adopting a bird is a very important decision. Also keep in mind that the adoption does not end when you walk out the door. We like to keep in touch with our clients to see how they and the bird is doing. Please e-mail or call us if you have any questions, problems, or concerns. We want to be there for you no matter what. You must be at least 18yrs. old to adopt. Keep in mind that you will need a carrier to transport your bird home. If you don't have one remember, I make them. Please bring a blanket also if it is cold out. We do not allow birds to be transported in a cage, it's just not safe. Also, we do not ship birds. It just causes too much stress on them. Please e-mail us with any questions you have about any of our birds for adoption at or call 585-245-2595. ~~~~

~ Come Visit Us ~

If you need to find a home for your bird or want to adopt a bird you can contact me by e-mail at or call me at 585-245-2595~~~~ <
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