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Individuals, who after many years of keeping turtles realized the need for a network of caring keepers to help turtles that need new homes, founded the Turtle Rescue of Long Island. Our site has been created to help give turtles and tortoises a better life. Turtle Rescue of Long Island (TRLI) is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue that is dedicated to the care and conservation of all species of chelonia. Many turtles are purchased by well-meaning, caring individuals who over time become overwhelmed with the turtle in their care. Whether they were misinformed where they purchased their turtle as to their specific care or size the animal will grow to, or just find they canít provide the care required any longer, TRLI will try to help you find a new home for your turtle. TRLI strongly urges anyone considering a turtle for a pet to do his or her research first. There are many reliable sites on the internet providing species specific care. You may be able to buy a turtle for ten dollars, but to properly keep a turtle it can cost hundreds of dollars to provide a proper environment. Veterinary care is also a factor, so before you take home that turtle be sure you have a good reptile vet that knows how to treat turtles. If after doing your research you decide a turtle is right for you please consider adopting from one of the many rescues dedicated to them. Take a look at those currently available through us. ******************************************************************************* New York State Has Established A Tip Hot line. If you see something related to wildlife that you think is illegal, (Sale of any reptile or amphibian species native to New York State for any purpose food, pets, whatever) or turtles under four inches on street corners or anywhere call them! 1-800-847-7332 this line is open 24/7. *******************************************************************************

Adopting a friend

All applicants must fill out an adoption application and submit either through our website or via mail and must include photos of their complete set up. Go to www.turtlerescues.org and click on Adoptions in the menu for form.

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Visit our website at and be sure to check out our Photo Gallery and Rescues pages.
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