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Our Goal

All Outside Cats Neutered or Spayed & Eartipped with a Caretaker who Provides Water, Food and Shelter

P.A.T.S. is NY state charitable corporation and is recognized by the IRS as a charity. Donations are always needed to pay for the veterinary expenses. Checks payable to P.A.T.S. may be sent to 490 New York Ave., Baldwin NY 11510. While we trap for many folks who donate funds to pay for the strays around their area, there are many trapping jobs for which no funds are available, except your contributions. Thank you.


PATS is assisting the Town of Hempstead in the TNR of ferals. The Town Of Hempstead program is open to all TOH residents and is FREE. You get a spay/neuter (also abortion), ear-tip, 4-1 vaccine, rabies vaccine, flea treatment and minor medical treatment. The cats are dropped at the Wantagh shelter around 7:30-9 am and picked up that day around 4 pm. Or you can have the cats recuperate at the shelter. If you do your own recuperation you need to recuperate for 2 to 3 days depending on the animal's surgery. Surgery days are Tuesday through Thursday. TOH also contracts with Hilton Animal Hospital Lynbrook (M-Th )and Baldwin Animal Hospital Baldwin (mon and thurs). To start the s/n procedure, call 785-5220 and wait for the TNR program prompt.

PATS has met many wonderful people through these groups. It is impressive how the different groups work together to assist in the goal of reducing the cat population humanely.
If you are maintaining a colony or interested in feral information, check out Alley Cat Allies Click Here and Human Society US (search on feral) Click Here

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Who We Are

We are volunteers who trap, neuter and release feral cats, maintain cat colonies and refer kittens and friendly strays to other groups. We are excited by the Town of Hempstead decision to provide FREE TNR for feral cats within the Town borders. Call 516-785-5220 to schedule an appointment. Town of North Hempstead has free spay neuter for their ferals, but with a waiting list. Call the TONH town hall for further information. Town of Oyster Bay also has free spay neuter for ferals through All About Spay Neuter. Call the Oyster Bay Animal Shelter for further information. Town of Huntington has always had limited free certificates for their residents to spay/neuter the ferals. Contact them for information

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