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According to the US Humane Society estimate, 4-5 million cats and dogs are euthanized in our US shelters each year. This annual terrible waste of animal lives is not restricted to strays or unwanted pets. About 12- 15% of these pets are beloved companions that perished in our shelters simply because their owners died or became ill and failed to make arrangements for their continuous care. This amounts to more than 500,000 orphaned pets killed every year in our shelters. This number excludes the thousands of orphans abandoned to die on the streets or are privately euthanized because their owners thought they had no choice.

BlueMoon Meadows gives pet owners who have died or become to ill to care for their pet the peace of mind that their faithful friends will not be forgotten, neglected, or die before their time. BlueMoon Meadows will offer an alternative solution to the shelter system, the streets, or private euthanasia for people who can no longer provide for their pets because of an owner's death or long term illness.

BlueMoon offers three services to help people in this situation:

  • Educate pet owners on the importance of planning for your pet's future without them.

  • Provide adoption services for adoptable orphans.

  • Provide a permanent home for orphans not suitable for adoption.

Our orphans available for adoption are listed here on petfinders and our website. The pets in our care are or once were beloved companions. Our Orphans are not unwanted, unloved strays; but victims of their owner's death or illness (or natural disaster). Some come to BlueMoon to live their remaining years in our family home and others will be adopted into private homes.

BlueMoon Meadows, Inc was incorporated as a New York State nonprofit corporation on Jan 25, 2006. Our organization will run entirely on donations from people who love animals. We received our IRS 501 (c) 3 status to become a public charity on June 21, 2006. You can make a donation of any amount to help support us by clicking on the blue moon. All donations are fully tax deductable. At BlueMoon Meadows, we believe that our lives are enriched by pets and understand every owners fear of leaving them behind. We care for and protect a deceased or critically ill pet owner s beloved companion against the uncertainties life brings, when they no longer can.

We are new and our family home is not built at this time; however we do have a few orphans in our care. To learn more about our vision visit our about us page.

At this time, these are orphans suitable for adoption only and able to reside with one of our foster homes. If you are interested in adopting one of our orphans contact the email on the orphan's listing to learn more about that orphan. BlueMoon always welcome new volunteers, if you interested in helping please fill out our brief volunteer form.

If you are an owner who needs help or a shelter who may have an orphan in your care please contact Beth email: bdsalt@aol.com