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Wilma's Orphans, Inc. is a small not for profit [501c3] rescue that works very hard finding permanent homes for dogs who need a second or third or fourth chance at happiness. All dogs are completely vetted, shots, blood tests, spay/neuter [if necessary]. You will never get "a pig in a poke" when you adopt from Wilma's Orphans. Each dog's temperament and personality is well-known so prospective adopters are fully informed before adopting. There are a variety of breeds, mixes, sizes, shapes, sexes, ages and colors. All dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption. Practically something for everyone. The adoption process consists of an application, home visit, contract, and donation. Please look at all the sweet faces imploring you to take them home. You just might find the "love of your life" at Wilma's Orphans. Give us a call and come see. Due to an error on Petfinders' part all the pictures of my "Happy Tails" have been lost. I am very upset about this but apparently there is nothing I or Petfinder can do to correct it. So altho you can't see the wonderful faces of those dogs who have been adopted from Wilma's Orphans you can see the names and realize how many there are.
Wilmas Orphans, Inc.
82 Henry Street
Hempstead, NY 11550
Phone: 516 485-5875

Email: wilma@wilmasoprhans.com
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