We are a group of local women trying to help homeless cats in our area.  Many of the cats we have rescued were abandoned when people moved or died; others were family pets who somehow found their way onto the streets.  Our goal is to find these cats homes to avoid them going into the shelter system where their fates would be uncertain.

     Every cat we rescue is first taken to our vet for examination, spay/neuter, deworming, etc.  Any other medical condition a cat may have is treated at our expense. We evaluate each cat's temperament and foster the cats ourselves while they are awaiting adoption.

    We have a wonderful selection of sweet cats of different ages and breed types awaiting placement into good, loving homes. Some are listed here.  Each adoption of one of our cats gives us the opportunity to help another. 

     If looking for that special pet or need animal advice please call us at

(718) 671 1695

Our Adoptable Pet List

Click here to see some of our Happy Tails!