All About Labs Rescue Inc.

All About Labs Rescue Inc.

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Dear Friends of AAL, Our financial situation has never been great, as anyone who's worked in animal rescue knows, but this is our most desperate and difficult time to date. More homeless dogs are out there in need than ever; because of the economy, dogs are being abandoned in alarming ways and record numbers. Meanwhile, donations and adoptions are down and at an all-time low. We've always been reluctant to ask directly for help in this way, but we need it now more than ever. Please take a moment to think about the dogs out there that AAL might not be able to rescue because of lack of funds.

If you can help us in our efforts to save lives, donations can be made to via PayPal. Thank you so much!


Who We Are

All About Labs (AAL) is a non-profit (501 c 3) organization devoted to rescuing homeless Labrador Retrievers and Labrador mixes of all ages and placing them in loving, responsible homes. Our short-term goal is to get as many well-adjusted dogs as possible out of the shelters and off the street into good homes. Our long -term mission is to positively impact dog over population by helping reduce the number of unwanted dogs in our community. We hope to accomplish this by neutering or spaying EVERY dog we rescue. You can learn more about how we work at our main website

Some AAL pups are fostered in experienced rescue homes while others are housed at our professionally staffed refuge, Oden Creek Ranch. Every dog is evaluated before placement, and every effort is made to match the dog by age, temperament, and energy level to the family most able to adequately care for and enjoy the company of the particular dog. Although our primary focus is placing Labradors, All About Labs will not turn away a needy mixed breed when space and funds allow. Don't be surprised to see the occasional Beagle, Shepherd or Shar-pei on our website. We are just as committed to finding these dogs good homes as we are our beloved Labs.

All About Labs Rescue Inc.
331 W. 57th Street Box #392
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Phone: 501-333-2833