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Give me a Chance at a Loving Home, I will love you fur-ever if you do!!!!!!!

If you are interested in a DESIGNER DOG YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE. We always have the new fad of the DESIGNER DOG as they are just a mixed breed dog. Please consider one of ours that is in need of a home to be loved.

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Please be patient with us processing applications. We are in desperate need of volunteers at this time to help in rescue efforts. Please consider joining us. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!

If you are within driving distance to Cairo, NY, we'd love to have your help. We are in desperate need of foster homes for pups and people to help on our adoption days. Not only will you be helping us in our crusade to find homes for great dogs, but very soon, hope to be able to offer all our volunteers the opportunity to purchase excellent health care insurance at group rates. Please email us for an application to volunteer.

We are working very hard to continue our efforts to place great dogs into great homes. We need volunteers to help us with home visits in areas all over the North East. We also need approved homes to foster dogs and puppies awaiting new homes (you'll need to fill out an application to be approved to foster).We need people willing to act as dog and pupppy walkers, comforters, wranglers ect on the Adoption Day events. If you would like to help please contact us by email at any of the addresses listed. See our "Happy Tails" by clicking HERE

Who We Are

We are a small group of volunteers who work co-operatively to place abandoned, abused, or shelter dogs on death row into a new life of love and happiness. We are a multi-state rescue. We work with very high kill, mostly rural shelters with dogs and puppies that, through no fault of their own, do not have much chance at living more than a week after arriving there..

We ourselves are not a shelter but rather various foster families willing to take the dogs and puppies in. We shelter them, give them TLC and the veterinary care.

Adopting a friend

All of our dogs are kept in foster homes, because we are a rescue not a shelter. All potential adopters must be approved prior to being able to meet a dog in any of our foster homes to ensure the safety of the families and commitment to adoption!

A pet is a life long commitment so please make sure you are up to this prior to adoption. Each dog/pup is known by the foster family and therefore they know the best type of home that each pet would best fit in so that the adopiton is a success. Just because a family is approved to adopt a dog/pup does not mean it will be approved to adopt a specific animal if the home is not a match. Each pet will be brought from their foster home to the adoption location on a specific date for pick up by the approved adopter. Our adoption fee is generally $300 for puppies under 6 months, $275 for 6 months to 1 yr, and $250 for adults over 1yr.* Our adoption fee includes spay/neuter (when possible, usually at 6 months of age and older), required vaccinations, heartworm prevention, wormings and other routine veterinary care to insure the health of these pets.

We reserve the right to deny any one to adopt a dog/pup without explanation. After you are approved to adopt a dog or puppy and you have been notified that you are approved, you have 24 hours to confirm and make a definite commitment that you are adopting that dog or puppy. We cannot hold dogs and puppies without confirmation. The first step of the adoption process is filling out our "Pre-Adoption Form." You can find a printable version that you can cut and paste in an email at our home page Or you can email any of the contacts for an application to be sent to you. If you wish to FAX your application, the number to use is 518-622-3559. Please note, this is a FAX NUMBER ONLY; NO ONE LIVE WILL ANSWER ON THIS NUMBER!!!!! Also, please note that due to time constraints, snail mail is only picked up twice a month. Therefore, for quicker consideration, PLEASE EMAIL OR FAX THE PRE-ADOPTION FORM, otherwise expect delays in processing.

You may fill out a pre-adoption application as described above or email the foster parent listed on the dog's individual page to request an application if you want to see if the dog may be a good match for your home. We do require certain information before considering a home for one of our pets. Once we have your Pre-Adoption Application, we will contact the references you list and gladly contact you to discuss your adopting the particular dog you are interested in. Unfortunately, we cannot fulfill requests to meet any dog before an application is approved. All emails or faxes received with these requests, unless accompanied by an application filled out in its entirety, will not be acknowledged.

EARTHLINK USERS--please unblock our email addresses or we cannot reply to your inquiries!!!

As soon as a dog is possibly adopted, the status will be listed as "adoption pending". Because the number of homeless dogs in the areas we work with is so high, please bookmark this site and check back often to see which new puppies and dogs need homes. We cannot fill specific requests but have many, many types, sizes and ages of dogs needing homes that come in each week.

Pet Portraits & Donations

You can shop and donate at the same time. PET PORTRAITS--Have a portrait of your pet painted by genuine Woodstock artist (and one of our volunteers) Amy Albert. Amy will donate a portion of the portrait fee to the rescue. Contact us at NEDRC for further details.

You can also go to the gallery and buy any painting from Amy's collection and say you got the link from NEDRC she will donate half of the proceeds to our rescue. This portion will go for the rescue dogs to help off set the cost of thier care while in rescue waiting forever homes. Again you must tell Amy that you got the link from our site for us to get a donation to our rescue. We are in need of donations of towels, sheets, blankets, food/water bowls, leashes, toys and just about anything you can think of. We appreciate (and the dogs/pups do too) anything that is donated to make life easier for the dogs while in foster care waiting for their forever homes.

*NOTE: Can vary by the amount of vet care/medications/grooming each individual dog needs.

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North East Dog Rescue Connection
P.O Box 1193
Cairo NY 12413

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