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***PAST ADOPT-A-PUPPY OWNERS***please email us good quality pics with you and your pets name and we will post them on our Happy Tails column of our petfinder website. THANK YOU

If you have mixed breed puppies that were unexpected and you don't know what to do with them, please call....or it you know of a neighbor or friend who had a litter unexpectedly, either have them call us or you call us on their behalf. We do keep all puppies until we find them homes. With Petfinders help, we have been able to find very good homes in very short amount of time. Thank you Petfinder!!


We have new litters of puppies all the time so please check back with us, we will post their pictures as soon as they arrive. Sorry, we do not speculate as to what they are ahead of time because a lot of their owners just don't have a clue!!

Who We Are

Adopt-A-Puppy was started in 1988 when a client came in to the Liverpool Village Animal Hospital and needed to find help placing her brother's litter of unwanted pups. Donna is a licensed veterinary technician and her husband Doug has always been an avid pet-lover. (He brought over a dozen animals home to his parents in his youth, one was even a horse!!) After bathing, vaccinating & worming the pups, we found homes for them. We enjoyed meeting the new owners and educating them about raising a puppy the happy way (our way!) Within a year of starting our program, we had to increase the number of kennels because of the high demand for our assistance. The people who have the unwanted litters of puppies are not required to pay a surrender fee. The only fee we receive is the adoption fee from the new owners . There is only one fee, we do not charge differently by breed or work done to the puppy. All the puppies have first vaccines, flea control and wormings. We give heartworm preventative during heartworm season.

Adopting a friend

We love the fact that you found us on Petfinders!!! We ask that you be at least 21years of age and are either a home-owner or have a copy of your lease that specifies you are allowed to have a puppy. The puppy you adopt needs to be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. We started this to find homes for unwanted puppies, we DO NOT WANT anyone to bring any additional puppies into this world.

Come Visit Us!

We request that you call our facility for the hours we will be open....we do this around our family's work schedule and try to be available the same times every week but .....sometimes things happen and we don't want you to show up and find no one home, especially with gas prices ever increasing!! We ocassionally do not have pets to adopt and in that case, we do not need to be open. PLEASE CALL FIRST, we do appreciate our privacy the days we are not open and will not make exceptions-sorry Hours of operation: Vary due to my work schedule at the animal hospital. The answering machine always tells the next visiting hours. Thank You
48 Evans Road

Pennellville, NY 13132
Phone: 315-695-3780

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