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Adopting A Friend

Welcome! We would love for you to meet our cats, and perhaps choose a friend to be your companion. We are open by appointment, evenings and weekends.

When applicable, our adoption fee is $50 by check made payable to our veterinarian for medical costs. This is sometimes waived for adult, senior, or shy cats. The fee is also waived if you purchase a large multi-level piece of sturdy (not cheap!) cat furniture for yourself and your new cat. We suggest purchasing it in person from a Petsmart or Petco (or similar store) rather than online. We will verify that you have purchased this for yourself when we deliver your new cat to your home after adoption. Cat furniture provides a place where your cat can feel secure, and an option for scratching that is not your couch!

All cats and kittens are:

Neutered or spayed!

FeLV/FIV tested
Treated for fleas and roundworms
Vaccinated for upper respiratory diseases
Vaccinated for rabies, if over 3-4 months of age
Adult cats that have not seen a vet within the last 3 months will receive a second, pre-adoption vet visit

We adopt to indoor homes only, and cats may not be declawed. We have had declawed cats returned to us because pain in their toes caused them to no longer use the litter box.

If you would like a chance to decide if a particular cat is just right for you, we can "foster-to-adopt." You will foster your chosen friend for up to two weeks, and not finalize the adoption until you are certain you are a match. This gives our cats an enjoyable visit outside of our place, and you can be sure your cat is a perfect match.

We will accept our cats back at any time in their lives, without question. A document to include with your personal papers is included, so your family will always know there is a place for your cat.

Who We Are

Welcome to The Owl House!

The Owl House is just a small place that cats have found.

Lost, footsore, or feral, they were abandoned along our winding forest creek where owls live, nest, and serenade us in the evenings. Or they were born under the porch of a neighbor whose wallet was empty, or who was unable to catch them.

For over twenty years we have sheltered the wanderers who come our way, to save our local shelters from the burden of even more cats. Come find your way to The Owl House as well. Enjoy a mug of coffee or tea, and if you find a feline friend who matches your soul, you may adopt her or him.

All of our rescue work is covered by personal funds and the periodic generosity of past adopters and friends. We are a neighbors-helping-neighbors program, assisting feral and abandoned cats in the Spencer NY area.

Come Visit Us

Contact us at owlhouseadopt@gmail.com to make an evening or weekend appointment to visit. We do appreciate a few days notice whenever possible. We are approximately 3 miles south of Spencer.

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