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Thank You for viewing our page!  The Horseheads Animal Shelter is a municipal shelter that deals with the impoundment and adoption of stray and unwanted dogs. We also have adoptable cats that came to the shelter from residents of the Town of Horseheads that could no longer keep their cats.  We take serious pride in assuring that the most appropriate care possible is given to each and every dog and cat that temporarily resides at our shelter. 


Adopting A Friend


Anyone interested in adopting an animal undergoes an assessment to ensure that the animal is going to a suitable home.  This includes a short application and verification with the landlord (if applicable).   We also perform a meet-and-greet with the adoptable pet if the prospective adopter has other animals.  We ensure that the animal being adopted is spayed/neutered (if old enough), is de-wormed, and has all necessary vaccinations prior to adoption.  We also ensure proper licensing for all dogs going to Horseheads residents. Fees vary for each animal depending on the health care that they received prior to coming to the animal shelter.  Prices for Dog adoption range from $55.00 (minimal vaccines/de-worming need) to $150.00 (maximum altering/vaccines/de-worming needed) or more.  Cat adoption prices are $25.00 to $70.00, again based on the necessary veterinary care they require. 


Who We Are


A small shelter with a BIG heart!  The Horseheads Animal Shelter usually houses 15-20 dogs and 5-10 cats.  Our purpose is to provide shelter services for dogs that are found at large, stray, lost, or otherwise, and surrendered cats within the Town of Horseheads.  We also provide euthanasia services, after all considerations are made, in a compassionate and professional manner.  The 2016 prices for euthanasia are $75.00 for dogs and $45.00 for cats. We also offer a hydrocremation service through our partners at Cornell for $100.00.  


Although small, we have a large community of volunteers at our shelter. Volunteers help walk dogs, clean kennels, socialize with the cats and dogs, and participate in special events.  If you would like to become a volunteer at our shelter, please pick up an application, or one may be mailed or emailed to you.


The Horseheads Animal Shelter is supported by a non-profit organization, "The Friends of the Horseheads Animal Shelter," or FOTHAS.  This group donates their time to improving the lives of homeless animals at the shelter.  They also organize fundraisers to help the shelter afford the needs of the pets, and to make their stay more comfortable.  If an animal comes to the shelter that needs extra veterinary attention, FOTHAS covers the expenses of the procedures.  In 2010, FOTHAS improved the shelter by purchasing and installing new outside kennels for dogs to get outside in the summertime.  FOTHAS also purchased new cat cages.    



Come Visit Us



The Horseheads Animal Shelter is located at 150 Wygant Road, Horseheads NY 14845.  Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:30pm.  If you are unable to come during our hours of operation, you may call and make an appointment to visit. 


Contact Information:

Vicki Egerton

Shelter Manager

Phone: (607) 739-3945

Fax: (607) 739-0469

E-mail: frosplock@townofhorseheads.org


If you would like to make a donation, please make checks payable to "Friends of the Horseheads Animal Shelter (FOTHAS)."





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