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We are a group supporting Airedale Rescue in Western NY covering from Albany west and south to the the Pennsylvania border.

Every year, for various reasons, hundreds of Airedales across the country find themselves in need of new homes. Sometimes they are lost or abandoned. Most often, however, these dogs are unwanted simply because they have become an inconvenience for their owners. It might be because of a new baby, a new spouse, a divorce, a new job, a move. Usually these life changes are no reflection on the dogs, but they are easy disposables in our fast-paced society.

Some dogs' backgrounds are never known. But good bloodlines run through many rescue dogs. So many of these Airedales are handsome, frequently under long and matted coats. And each one shines, both in spirit and appearance, with grooming. The transformation is astounding. Even more impressive are their temperaments, most often very appreciative of at last ending up in the hands of "Airedale people" who understand them.

Airedale Rescue of Western NY is a regional chapter of the ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee. ATCA Rescue and Adoption Committee was established by the Board of Directors on October 5, 1990, to recognize, support, and promote regional and individual rescue efforts, many of which had existed for some time. This has been accomplished in several ways. The directory of rescue contacts serves as a network for rescue workers, and provides a contact for any ATCA member who becomes aware of an Airedale who needs help. The committee provides information and education for those new to rescue. Our fundraising efforts provide financial support to rescue workers if their resources are not sufficient to help a dog.

The Rescue and Adoption Committee endorses the following rescue procedures. All dogs must be spayed or neutered before placement. They are bathed and groomed, brought up to date on all shots, tested for heartworm, medically evaluated, treated for internal and external parasites when necessary, and carefully evaluated for temperament, in a foster home if possible. Adoptive homes are carefully screened to insure that this will be the dog's final home.

Help of any kind is always welcome, and we are always in great need of foster homes

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Airedale Rescue of Western NY

Rush, NY 14543
Phone: 585-820-4266

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