Long Beach Animal Shelter
City of Long Beach Closes Animal Shelter. The City of Long Beach has closed its animal shelter permanently and contracted with Freeport Animal Shelter to provide services to its stray and abandoned animals. Kindly direct all calls for stray animals to the Long Beach Police Department at: 516-431-1800. The city continues to support Long Beach Cats, its highly successful TNR ( trap, neuter and return) program which promotes responsible spaying and neutering of feral cats. This program was started to address the escalating feral cat population in our city. At the direction of Bryan Kordis of the Neighborhood Cats Organization, the program utilizes the trapping expertise of Long Beach residents who volunteer their time and effort, as well as the veterinary services of a local vet who continues to participate in this much needed population control program. After nearly 3 years of hard work, we have successfully trapped and altered APPROXIMATELY 300 cats. This program has provided a successful reduction in unwanted kittens and cat pregnancies in the City of Long Beach. We urge all residents to support both FREEPORT ANIMAL SHELTER at 2 Rider Place, Freeport, NY 11520 (516-378-4340) and our Long Beach Cats program. TRAPPERS NEEDED urgently. Kindly contact 516-256-4567 if you are interested in being trained. FOR ALL ADOPTIONS CALL 516-378-4340

Long Beach Animal Shelter

Pets available for adoption are at:


located at:
2 Rider Place
Freeport, NY 11520

Adoptions of all Long Beach animals are performed by the Freeport Animal Shelter, a non-profit 501C no-kill shelter.
Map to the Freeport Animal Shelter


Adult dogs are likely to be already housebroken. If they're not, they DO have the physical capacity to hold it in (unlike puppies) and are generally fast-learners. Many of these adult dogs require little or no obedience training and will fit right into your daily life. Know that your new adult dog is grateful to you for rescuing him from a bad environment.

Adult cats are more likely to be content with sitting in your lap while you relax after work rather than tearing through the house and up the curtains..

When considering adopting a new pet please think about your own lifestyle and consider what pet would be best for you. There are advantages to adopting a calmer adult animal. Most importantly please remember that owning a pet is a lifetime commitment and that "cute and young" does not last forever.
They need your help

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