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Slope Street Cats is a Brooklyn Trap-Neuter-Return education and free resource-lending group. We are dedicated to teaching people about TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) for feral cats through hosting TNR certification workshops in Brooklyn and participating in public outreach at street fairs to teach people about the effective, humane way to address feline overpopulation! Slope Street Cats' Official Site

Slope Street Cats -- Friends of Slope Street Cats Rescuer Adoptions

All of the adoptions on our Petfinder page are SSC contacts, volunteers or feral cat caretakers doing independent adoptions. Each individual will have use mandatory adoption application, brief home visit and agreement forms and to charge a $75 adoption fee to offset vet services they have spent on their rescues. Please work with your individual rescuer to make sure you are getting full copies of vet records.

Please email the individual rescuers listed on the cat's profile for any questions about the cat and their adoption process. Each rescuer listing cats on this site will have an application, brief 15-min house visit to talk about safety and cat behavior/troubleshoot any areas you might be concerned about, application agreement and charge a $75 adoption fee that goes directly back to the rescuer to offset money they have already spent on vet bills.

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