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Come in and adopt a kitten or cat and give a stray a break!! Let your furry bundle of joy have a playmate! Why not take home two!They keep each other company!

We have so many wonderful, furry friends looking for a new home. Call for more information 516-378-4340. Shelter Hours are: Sat-Wed 11-4, Thurs-Fri 11-7,
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Who We Are

We are a private, no-kill shelter that functions as a 501c. As one of the oldest animal shelters on LI, we struggle to maintain quality services for our animals. Our shelter is in significant and sustained need of food, medications, veterinary services, contracting and renovation services, amenities for the dogs and cats (treats, toys, fleece blankets, dog risers Kuranda beds to keep them off the concrete run floors at night etc).  We continue to require generous support from the public. We function mainly on donations from people such as yourselves. We love our animals and want to find them good homes. In the meantime, while they reside with us, we would like to raise their quality of life. We hope you will help us maintain and foster optimum conditions for our stray and abandoned friends who cannot advocate for themselves. We cannot do this alone and greatly appreciate those of you out there who recognize and support our ongoing efforts. Our animals, staff and volunteers heartily thank you all for your patronage and support. PLEASE VISIT our website:

With the economic crisis hitting most households, donations have been sparse, adoptions have been few and many pets have been turned in because of foreclosures. All of this has left us with very limited funds and a full house of shelter pets in need. You can help us tremendously by donating some very essential items to keep our shelter running and help our shelter pets. Any item(s) you can donate will make a difference! Donated Items Needed Cat litter (clumping) -- World's Best Cat Litter- Tidy cat- Arm and Hammer- Cat's Pride Cat food -- wet food (any brand- Friskies,9 lives) dry food (Purina One, Iams etc) Dog food -- wet food (any brand Purina One etc. ) dry food (Purina One, Iams etc) Cleaning supplies: pine-sol, bleach, laundry detergent (any no-frills brands are fine) If you can help us please drop off your donated items at our shelter, Thank you for your continued support!

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SHELTER HOURS ARE: Sunday-Saturday 9am-9pm.   Come and see us!

Freeport Animal Shelter Inc.
2 Rider Place
Freeport, NY 11520
Phone: (516)378-4340

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